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(Harry's POV)

They had eventually let me go.

I was not do go round to Gracie's house. I was not allowed to speak to her. I was not allowed to ring or text her. I was not allowed to even think of Gracie Jones.

"We are only letting you out becuase," Mr. Lucas said from above me, "You have agreed to abide my our rules. You are not allowed to speak, text or ring Miss Jones. You are going to tell any of the public that knows about your stupid fling that you broke up with her and you are going to tell them you are going out with Leah. Is that clear?"

"Yes." I mumbled.

"Now go! Before I change my mind!" Mr. Lucas said, spitting on me.

I got up of the chair I had been sitting on and walked out of the room. My legs were stiff from sitting for so long, so I couldn't walk that fast.

I decided I would go back to my house and see if Gracie was still there.

I walked through the front door and called her name, "Gracie?! Gracie?! Please babe?! Please..." with her not appearing from any where, I broke down. I went through to the kitchen and sat at the table. I sat on the chairs we had sat on the other night when she had made us dinner.

As I was wipping tears from my eyes and cheeks, I looked up and saw a light pink hollister hoodie.

I had bought it for her. Just after the cruise. For her birthday. I remember her squealing with delight when she saw it. That was also the first time that she told me she loved me.

She loved me....

I loved her.....

And now I can't get her back.

I would go after her, but management probably have spies all over the town and the train station and Mr. Lucas said that If I went after her, There would be consequences. For me and for her.

I suppose I'll just have to get over her....

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