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(Harry's POV)

My eyes flutter open. The sun lights pours in through the curtains. I squint to let my eyes get used to the light. I feel some one move beside me.


I remember the previous nights. Kissing her. Making love to her. I loved the feeling of having our bodies combined together. We were good together.

I looked over at the clock and saw that it was just after 10am. Gracie would wake until atleast 11am. I grabbed my phone.

17 missed calls; Management.

Great. I can't even sleep with my girl without them interfering.

I got up and walked out of the room quietly. I walked down the hall and down the stairs to the kitchen. I made myself some toast. I sat eating it when I remembered Gracie said we were out of milk. I finished my toast and went upstairs to get ready to go to the shop.

I put on a pair of trackie bottoms and a hoodie. I grabbed my beanie and sunglasses and went back down stairs. I walked out the door and headed to the shop.

The shop was only 5 minutes walk from my house and i doubt there would be many fans about at this time of the morning, Never the less, I pulled my beanie down and put my sunglasses on. As I walked, I thought of Gracie. She was going home today. I wouldn't see her for another week until I went to her house for dinner. I though about the past few days. How we just sat at home and watched movies and made out.

I lifted my head from looking at the pavement, "Corner Shop! Holmes Chapel" the sign said. I walked inside and said hello to the man behind the counter. I walked down the ailse's and got what I needed; fruit, bread, milk, bacon, cheese and batteries.

I paid for the stuff and headed out. As I walked past the shop, I noticed two buff looking men coming my way. They were heading straight for me. What?

"Your coming with us!" One man said, the other just laughed and grabbed my arm and dragged me down a dark alley.

"Oi! Oi! What are you doing?!" I demanded, Who were these people? Have they got Gracie? Have they hurt her? All these thoughts ran through my head as the taller guy (who had grabbed me) was talking down the phone while the other guy held me.

"Giv' us your phone!" The taller guy said. I did as I was told, handing my phone over, "Good lad. Now, Our boss says that you 'ave been givin' 'im some problems. Does the name Stanley Lucas ring a bell, there curly? eh?"

Oh my god!

"Now, Mr. Lucas 'as sent us to do what he told you to do months ago." the taller guy said.

Oh no! Not Gracie! I started to strugle, "Stop squirming!" The guy holding me shouted, giving me a blow to the head.

"Now, lets see. What should we text 'ittle Gracie? 'Cuz our boss 'hinks you need help breaking up wift her! I 'hink, 'Gracie, I'm sorry. I'm in love with some else. I don't love you. I met some else on the cruise. I love her. I think I only used you to get some action.' Now what do ya 'hink of tha' curly?!"




I love her!

All of a sudden I felt a blinding pain coming over me. The taller guy had hit me in the stomach. Again. another blow to the head. And to the stomach again.

"C'mon curly! Your coming to HQ wif' us." The taller guy said.

I felt the rough pavement against my fragile skin as I was dragged down the alley. I felt another blinding blow to my head.

I was slipping away.

Stay Awake Harry!




I blanked out.....

(Gracie's POV)

I opened my eyes.

The light poured in. To bright!

I closed my eyes and remembered where I was and remembered what had happened the past two nights.

My hand stretched out to find Harry's warm body against mine.

He wasn't there.

Where Is he?

I looked over at his clock; 11:34am.

He didn't usually leave bed without telling me.

I got up and pulled on one of his hoodies and headed down stairs.

I walked down into the kitchen and looked around for him. No Harry. I walked into the living room. No Harry.

"He must have gone for a walk. Or to the shops. He knows we need milk." I thought calmly.

I went back upstairs for a shower. I grabbed a towel and got into the shower. I let the warm water flood over me and my thoughts. I thought of the past two nights. Our bodies combined.

I got out and got dressed. I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and Harry's hoodie.


My phone lit up, one new message.

Message From; Harry Xx

Message; Gracie, I'm sorry. I'm in love with some else. I don't love you. I met some one else on the cruise. I love her. I think I only used you to get some action. Sorry.



He does love me...



I slid down the wall.

I was breaking.

The tears started. They wouldn't stop falling.

He broke me.

How could he?

I ran upstairs and grabbed everything of mine that I could see. I put everything back in my case and headed out the door.

Should I write a note?

No, he doesn't deserve an explaination.

I ran out the door and headed straight for Holmes Chapel station. I wasn't ment to be going home until early tomorrow morning. But I couldn't face him. Not after what he had done.

I got my ticket and boarded my train.

Goodbye Harry Styles.

I love you...... 


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