Chapter 1

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(Gracie's POV)


I was standing near the back of the arena when he looked at me. The curly haired one; with the dimples denting his cheeks.

Harry Styles...

Wait, He looked at me...?

He looked at me. He held my gaze for what felt like forever. His green orbs meeting my muddy brown ones.


That was a few hours ago. I got home and I've spent the last 3 hours lying in the one position.

As I lay on my comfy double bed, I think logically about tonights events;

Firstly, Harry freaking Styles looks at me and hold my gaze.

Then, I get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Why am I feeling like this? I don't even like One Direction! All I knew, was that I needed to see him again!


(Harry's POV)


We were in the middle of singing 'I Want' when I saw her.

She was standing at the back. She had long brown curly hair, i couldn't see what colour her eyes were, but she had the most gorgeous face. I held her gaze for what felt like forever.

Now, I'm sitting in my living room listening to Niall rumage through MY fridge, in MY kitchen trying to think of a way to see this girl again. Her long hair, her soft sk-


"Niall!?! What the hell man!?" I shouted, "Haven't you got your own kitchen to trash?!"

"Sorry dude.." Niall said quietly, "There's no food at my place, and you always have food!"

"Fine, Yeah.." I was to mad to care, "Just tidy this up when your done stealing my food, will you?"

I didn't stick around to hear any more excuses. I decided to take a walk. To clear my head. Didn't happen, my head is so full of this mystery girl.

"what am I going to do!" I thought....

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