(Gracie's POV)

I can't stop thinking about him. Harry Styles. I try to keep my mind of it by packing.

We - my mum, dad, little brother Alex and my best friend Katie - are going on a 2 month cruise. I should be excited, but I'm not, I'm not being allowed to bring my laptop or iphone to keep tabs on what the boys (or really Harry Styles) are doing.

Just before I start packing, I decide to check SuagrScape, apparenlty the boys are heading away for a break. Probably Ibiza or some where exotic.

"Right! Packing Gracie, Packing!" i say to myself, then I think again, "Oh dear, talking to yourself isn't attractive.."            

For the next 3 hours, i busy myself packing my suitcase, having a shower and shaving my legs. We are leaving very early tomorrow morning and i need to get to sleep to get up at stupid O'clock - 3am!!

I text Katie before i head to bed:

Message To: Katiee! X

Message: heading to bed now! See u bright & early 2moro morning :) xx

I fall asleep quite quickly. I dream of Harry Styles going on my cruise. We swim together. We dine together every night. And we eventually move into the same cabin together. Best dream I'v ever had.

(Harry's POV)

Okay, so the walk done me no good - If anything it gave me a sore head because of some fans screaming their heads of at the gates - so I head back inside to pack my case. We - Myself, the boys, my parents and Paul - are going on a 2 month cruise. Yay! 

"Harrrreeehhhhh!!" Louis screamed from outside my living room door, "Harrreehhhhh!!! We're leaving soon!! Paul says to be ready in 5 minutes!!"

"Alright Louis!" I replied back halfheartedly, "I'm ready now.."

I walked out after Louis to the car park where the boys, Paul and the mini van were waiting. Louis was going on and on about some thing but I was to caught up in my own thoughts that i only started to register what he and the boys were saying when a hand started waving in my face?!

"Okay, Whose the girl and why are you thinking about her so much?" Louis asked,

"No girl. No prob-" I was stopped by Liam,

"Harry, we are your best friends. We know when there is some thing wrong! Espescially when there is a girl involved!"  Liam said calmly, "Now, SPILL THE BEANS!!"

I stood there looking at them, taking a glance at all of them. Awk shit, they know there is some thing wrong. I deliberated weather to tell them or not...

"Okay! Okay! If it will get you of my case!" I sighed, "At our last concert, you know? In Edinburgh? Yeah, Well as we were preforming 'Forever Young' i saw this girl standing at the back." I sighed, They wouldn't get it....

"Okay, so?" Zayn asked, "She was a fan, just like any other girl at that concert. She was dreaming that she would catch your eye!"

"No! No! No!" I was getting very frustrated now, "She was standing at the back, not even really looking on stage. No merch. Nothing drawn on her. She wasn't there to see us. And she caught my eye, and now i can't and won't find her."

Finally, I think i got it through to the boys. There was alot of back patting and manly talking up after that little heart-to-heart session. Soon after, we got into the mini van and headed of for docks.

The journey to the docks only took half an hour to get to but I put my headphones in to drown out the boys voices. 'Vagas Girl' by Conor Maynard blasted through the headphones.

Where was my vagas girl?

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