Hey Guyysss! Sorry this is really late, but I'v had family stuff going on and I'm working on a 'Happy Birthday Liam' video, and its all very stressful :) But, This is going to be quite a long one I think - Let the drama being :D Really loved writing this story, but there is only going to be a few more chapters :'( Hope you enjoy reading it xx


(Gracie's POV)

Its been two months.

Two months since I have had any proper alone time with my Harry.

And the reason for that is because I have two very over protective parents andHarry has only been allowed to come round for dinner once a week. Yes we chat on skype every night, but its different.

I miss holding him. I miss him holding me. I miss his hand in mine. I miss his arms wrapping protectively around me. I miss his sweet, but manly scent. I miss his rough, but gentle lips on mine. I miss how the room lights up when he walks in. I miss the tingling in the bottom of my stomach when I see him. I miss my Harry.


I looked down at the caller id; Harry Xx. I smiled.

"Hey babe!" He greeted me when I picked up.

"Hey Hazza," I said brightly, "Hows you?"

"I'm good! Hey, my parents are gonna be at my flat this weekend, how would you like to come over?" Harry asked me suductively.

"Wait, I'l ask my Dad. I'l ring you back when I know weather I'm allowed or not, Okay? Laaveee ya!" I sing down the phone. I can hear him chuckling to himself as I hang up.

I ran straight down the stairs andinto the office where my Dad was sitting on the laptop, pricing holidays.

"Hey Dad, Um...Harry's parents are gonna be at his flat this weekend," I paused, thinking about how to sayit,"Andthey have invited me over to stay for the weekend. Can I pleeassse go?" I ask.

My Dad thinks for what seems like hours, "Okay. As long as you are responsible! And only because his parents are going to be there."

I was squealing with delight! I can't believe he was trusting me to go to my boyfriends house! For a whole weekend!

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I said, kissing him on the cheek.

"Gracie, I am only allowing you to go to Harry's because I know you are responsible. Remember you are only 15! Don't let him pressure you into any thi-"

I interupted him, "Dad! Don't worry! I'l be responsible and all that. And his parents are gonna be there!" I was not having this conversation, with my Dad!

I ran up to my room and grabbed my phone. I dialled Harry's number and waited. I heard the faint ringing in my ear as my phone rang Harry's. Then I heard the Click of him answering.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hey Harry! My Dad said yes! I can come round! For the whole weekend!" I said, squealing in delight again.

"Brilliant! Can't wait to see you. Iam going to be passingKings Cross today, and I willbuy you your ticket. Justtell the person that Harry Styles has bought you your ticket and they will give it to you." He said.

No Way! He wasn't going to spend his money on me! He is already having me over, feeding me and not making me pay for any thing!

"No Way Harry! Your not spending your money on me! You will probably buy me a golden ticket and have food brought to me! I will buy my ticket!"

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