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(Harry's POV)

Its been a week.

A week since Gracie has stirred. Or opened her gorgeous brown eyes.

She just lie's there. Lying on her back, her chocolate brown hair hanging limply on her shoulders. Her brown eyes never opening. Her normally bright perky face, losing all emotion.

I sit here with her, every day and every night. Praying she will wake up. But she doesn't. She never moves or show any emotion.

I look her body, up and down. What used to be a strong, curvy body, is now small, pale and skinny. She is covered in drips and needles connected to different moniters and machines. Her chest rises and falls in her breathing but even that is a hardship for her weak body.

The only sound she makes is the wheezing of her chest. The inhaling and exhaling of air. Her lungs, not strong enough to do even a simple task like that.

I think back to the day me and the boys found her. Lying on the floor with tablets scattered across the floor. I remember what happened when me and Liam came to the hospital after the boys.

(Start of Flash back)

"You ready?" Liam asked me, as I started the engine.

"Yes. Yes, Gracie needs me," I said calmly, even though every bone, organ and muscle were doing somersaults inside of me, "I need her..." I said under my breath.

We speeded down the road, hitting the breaks hard at a red light, praying for it to turn green quicker. Liam tired to calm me saying that every thing was going to be all right and that Gracie would be fine, but for some reason, I just couldn't believe him.

When we came to the hospital, I parked as close to the entrace as I could. If Gracie didn't make it, I wanted to be able to get away quickly. To end my life. To be with her.

We ran up to the information desk, clutching Gracie's bags, "Excuse me? Could you tell us where Gracie Jones is?" Liam asked calmly.

I couldn't trust my mouth to open and say the right words.

"She will be in room 332, on floor 3 but she is in surgery at the minute. By what I heard, she took an over dose and needs her stomach pumped immediatly." The women said polietly, "Oh and can I ask what relation you are of her?" She asked.

I stepped forward, "I'm her boyfriend. I need to see her." I said urgently.

"Fine, Okay! But tell the boys that went through with her that they shouldn't lie about being her brothers. One is Irish and one has darker skin. They can't all be related, But I'll allow it this time. Your girlfriend should be out of surgery in about 20 minutes." She said kindly.

"Thank you, Thank you so much!" I said in unison with Liam.

We walked down corridor after corridor and went up and down different flights of stairs until eventually we found room 332 on floor 3. The boys were sitting out side in a small waiting room with red puffy eyes and tears stains on their cheeks. All the boys had become very attached to Gracie.

"She's in surgery. They needed to pump her stomach. Immediatly." Louis spoke first.

"She'll be Okay Harry." Niall said, comforting me.

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