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Hey~ Welcome back everyone ! I'm going to try to make this longer than the last update. Also, I'd like to point out that we've reached 700 views ! Thank you so much !!

Last chapter : I was already shaking from my bruised body but I was now shaking even more thinking about the consequences that would be brought to me because of that. I hope that it won't be too bad.

Let's get into it !

I lost count of the time that had passed ever since the bell rang. I took a look to the window which belonged to the class I was supposed to be before attempting to sit up once again. Hands on the rocky ground, I try my hardest to push myself up but with no success, my back crumbles to the ground. Great. Not only I wasn't able to sit up straight but I now had rocks on my palm which if you didn't know, hurts so bad ! Eyes fixated to the sky, I wait around a few more minutes which I didn't bothered to even count before trying again and luckily for me, this shot was the one. I felt myself being a little unstable but at least I could stand up now. I could manage. I stand up on my shaky legs, almost tripping during the process, and quickly brushed off the dirt covering my back and my sports pants. Now that I was up, I could attend to class. I sighed of relief before making my way towards my classroom, dragging my weakened leg with me through the halls. Which I didn't think about was the nursery room, apparently standing on my path to my class. As I quickly passed by the opened door, I prayed for the nurse to have not noticed me but with the luck I have, I hear her annoying voice calling me out from behind. "Prompto ! You need treatment ! Look at yourself !" Was the next sentence that came out from her lips painted of red lipsticks. I mentally cry and hesitantly turn around to see her walking towards me. Her small hair bun bounced around as her high heels created echoed ticks on the floor. As she thought that she was finally close enough, the nurse crouched to stand on my level of height and inspected my face injuries. I barely had any and they were just scratches but apparently, it was the end of the world for her. "What happened ??" She asked as I felt her hand caressing my face. At first hesitant, I gently removed her hand and lied to her. It was better for her to not know. It just felt that way. "I tripped and fainted. Simple as that really..." Obviously not buying anything of what I just said, she decided to stay silent and to drag me in her office if I can call it that. Mrs. Melvis then asked me to sit down on one of her beds layed around the room for her to heal my wounds she called them. She quickly did her work on my face without even checking the rest of my body and sent me out. Before she closed the door, I said something that I suddenly regretted. "Actually, some people did this to me. My leg hurts." I guess I spoke on the behalf of my bruised leg. It just hurted too much at this point. The tall woman glanced at my legs and not seeing any problem with them like any bad teachers out there, she just rushed me towards my class but as I left, I heard her whisper. "Damn fucking big kid. Of course you get beated up. Go do some sports or some diet." She closed the door as her words rang in my ear.

Back to the present
Silent as ever, I stared into the void as I realised that my legs were shaking. Nervous all of the sudden, I looked at my gym teacher at the corner of my eyes. What if he thought the same of me ? I glanced around the other students as I hear some voices, filling my thoughts of judgemental comments. The muscular teacher then calls out my name, noticing how much I was sweating and asked about my well being which I answered with a simple "Im fine." Silence weighted on me once again as Noctis finally comes to join us. Instead of standing next to me, he decided to keep his distances and talk to the fangirling girls. Not really wanting to have anything to do about him, I stared at the ground. Why did that un-welcomed memory came up to me ? The bell that I was desesperatly waiting for finally rang, giving me the cue to get out of there. I rushed myself up the stairs and sat down on my desk, waiting for the next class to begin, trying to calm down my legs. I took a deep breath and looked around Casually bored after a minute, I pulled out from my bag that I left next to my seat my notebook, not in the mood of playing FF. Maybe drawing would make me feel better. With a pen in my hand, my arm moved on its own as the pen leaved a trace behind on the white page. At first, I drew a Chocobo, just the cutest thing ever. Doodling some random flowers around it, I then moved on on a second page and started drawing. Letting my hand move around on its own, I recognised the certain silhouette printed on my paper. His dark hair and complex but relaxing expression. Even the clothes looked the same. I had drawn the prince smiling at me, the very one who just saved me not too long ago. Not even surprised, I simply wrote Thanks next to him and closed the cover of the dark sketchbook. Our third class was about to start anyways.

Leaning on my arm, I squinted my eyes even more than they already were to the board. What was he teaching ?! I felt my mouth open wide as I stared at the teacher. I don't understand anything !!! A headache came to me as I tried to understand at least a single word that came out from his mouth. I guess that today, I would have to study twice as much than usual.

The end of school finally came as I mentally celebrated. Placing carefully my bag on my delicate shoulder, I walked back home, looking around for the beautiful view. A little bit farther from school, my eyes landed on the main castle which I guessed that Noctis lived in. It look so expensive and modern. With the thought of being in the perfect angle, I quickly took out my camera that sat in the bottom of my very bag and took a quick shot. After reviewing it, I put it back in as a smile creeped up to my face. Just imagine living in this place. It would probably be ten times better than where I live now. A sigh left my lips and I resumed my walk.

We're done with this chapter and I just wanted to point out the release of KH3 ! I recently got it and I love it. Way to go Square Enix and don't forget that we're all waiting for the FFVII remake.

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