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It's the start of a new arc guys! Also, thanks for the 3k reads 😲
What happened last chapter:
Shaking, I grabbed the letter out of its enveloppe with care and started to read it. Little did I know that this letter was going to change my whole life.

Dear Prompto, I hope this letter reaches you in good health. My name is Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. I believe that you're the one who found my dog, Pryna. My heart was heavy at the thought of losing her, but thanks to you, we were happily reunited. You have my gratitude. I had sent her to see Prince Noctis. Does he attend the same school as you do? From what I heard, he has been too busy to play with his classmates, along with ignoring most of them. If it's not too much to ask, I would like for you to talk to him, maybe even become friends. I believe that you are a rightful person, enough to grow close to the prince. Again, I would like to thank you. Goodbye, may you have a great day. Sincerely, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

A few questions and answers traveled in my mind as I read through this whole thing. Not only that, but I felt the need to re-read it at least a few more times. I just couldnt believe that I saved a dog from royalty, all the way from Tenebrae. Even better, the dog, Pryna she called her, was on her way to the prince. Coincidence? I didn't even know anymore. Realising how long I was outside, I panickly hid the letter from Lunafreya under my shirt, for the pure reason of hiding it from my parents, and grabbed the rest in the mail box to make my way back inside. Getting into the house, I dropped the mail on the table at my mom's orders and went back upstairs to do my homework. At least, I didn't have much to do today. I spent a few minutes to do them and took out my letter as I was done. What was I going to do? Becoming friends with Noctis once again? I didn't think that I had the right to be his friend again after pushing him away. Deep in thoughts, my mother startled me as she opened the door and asked me to get down to eat. I hid the letter under one of my textbooks and made my way downstairs. Giving me a simple, but very small portion of Vesproom soup, I sat alone on the table as mother joined my dad on the couch. I just couldnt risk to ruin the couch, so I stayed there. As I ate, I couldn't help, but to think about how a normal family eats. Were the movies an accurate representation? Glancing at my two parents in the living room, I suddenly just felt lonely.

The next day
My body was sore as I woke up, probably because of all the things she made me do yesterday. Stretching a little, I slipped off my bed and walked towards the bathroom. As I was about to open up the door of my room, a loud sound was heard from downstairs. I froze in a hurry, not really knowing what it was until I remembered. Oh right, my parents were back from their trip. Sighing in relief, I jumped right into the bathroom to do my stuff. After being done, I changed and softly walked downstairs, trying to make the less noise possible. Mom was already up, washing whatever it was in the sink. I whimpered a Good morning and was about to grab the money from the pot out of reflex, but she stopped me. "I made you lunch. Stop wasting money when we're here." She said. One thing I like from having them home was my lunch. She usually made me lunch with the leftovers from last night supper. It didn't really bothered me since I've been so used to sandwiches and it felt good to eat different things once in a while. I nodded and grabbed the lunch out of the fridge to put it in the almost never used lunch box I had. It was already 7 o'clock so I quickly made my way out of there and closed the door behind me. I never thought that I would say it one day, but man, I was happy to get out of there. The atmosphere was always heavy when they were here and my anxiety around them only got worse. What if I wasn't enough and they'll finally decide to throw me out? I brushed away the thought and walked a few good minutes. As usual, I made my way to my classroom as soon as I stepped into the school, but this time, I just couldnt help but to get interrupted, way too much. A student passes by. "Hey, Cindy doesn't like you. Stop harassing her." they say. Another one passes by. "Piggy, little piggy likes a giiirl~" More of them passes and the same thing always happens, some of them occasionally talking about me be-friending the prince. Of course, I kept going and stayed silent all long. The second I got to my desk, I knew that it was going to be the worst year of my life. Someone decided to draw a pig on my desk, not in permanent marker at least. Trying to not let myself bothered by it, I erased it in a flash and installed my bag. Maybe and good Final Fantasy game would help. I took out my console and the FFVI card and was about to put it in.

"Hey, you. Can I come in?" I heard a voice call out to me, being the only one in the classroom. I slid the card in the gaming console before Glancing at the person and froze. It was Cindy. As a blushing mess, I nodded, not really thinking of the consequences and took off my glasses to clean them up a little. She walked in, hands behind her back and sat down on the desk next to me. As I cleared them off with the edge of my shirt, I felt the girl in question staring at me. What she said next really caught me off guards. "I think you look better without them glasses." I placed them back on and blinked. Did she just complimented me? I got back on tracks and answered back.

"W-Well, I need them. My eyes are not d-doing so good so I need to have them on to see well." I said, feeling myself shaking and blushing even more. Cindy was really not good for my own health. She stayed silent, trying to understand what I said. "Oh, I thought that ya'll were wearing these as accessories. My bad." She smiled in embarrassement and scratched the back of her neck, but she re-affirmed her first sentence, telling me that I looked different and it was nice. I blushed a little bit more and thanked her. I then realised something. If I didn't looked the same, that means that... With a sudden idea in my head, I stood up in a second and let out a little shout unintentionally to which of course she only stared at me, confused as ever and asked if everything was okay. Realising what I've just done, I sat back down and apologised to her, maybe too many times. Forgiving, she accepted my apologies and went back to her class. I didn't really know if it was because I was a weirdo or if the bell rang soon. Embarrassed a little, I sunk down in my seat until the teacher entered the room.

So now you might wonder what was that idea I had. Well, on the spot, I thought that I could maybe change my apparence. No, not just taking off my glasses like Cindy told me earlier, but like, totally, including my weight. Now, I know that most people would think that it's stupid to do this for love when she should love me the way I am, but you got it wrong. Im not doing this for love (Well, a little). I figured that if I looked different, maybe I could fufill Lady Lunafreya's will and become friends with Prince Noctis again without any problems. I guess for myself as well, help me out a little in my morning walks to school, but now that I said it out loud, it sounds impossible.

Well, enjoy this (not really) cliffhanger and sorry if I dont post often. I do hope that you guys enjoy!

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