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Final Fantasy XV: Promptis Oneshots by JayyVon699
Final Fantasy XV: Promptis Oneshotsby Kass
I absolutely love this game and wish there were more fanfic on it. I completely ship these two and this is what I came up with. Feel free to request. Noctis/Prompto
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Final Fantasy XV Preferences and one shots by foxythefoxpiratechil
Final Fantasy XV Preferences and Delta
This book is for: Prompto Ignis Noct And Gladiolus
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The Pickups and the Jelousy by TheTrueAmateras
The Pickups and the Jelousyby TheTrueAmaterasu
Hello and welcome to my first One shot book. I wanted to do something that would be a fun read so i'm doing different oneshots. They all do take place during main game a...
quick silver + ffxv. by goushi-
quick silver + ashes
"Noctis in latino means 'the star's light of sky' while Prompto means 'quick silver.'" noctis lucis caelum / prompto argentum
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Hard To Love (Noctis X Prompto) by MajesticTeagle
Hard To Love (Noctis X Prompto)by Faithian Hroman
Noctis is tired of being pressured to be a Prince. He hates how people treat him, as if he's fragile and must be cared for. He's especially sick of his father pestering...
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Exsomnis by eschatona
Exsomnisby Ash
Alternate Ending to my FFXV fic 'Night Light" This will make pretty much zero sense if you haven't read and finished Night Light already, unless you have a really b...
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Promptis Fictions by KeeLimeArt
Promptis Fictionsby Sandifer
A collection of a variety of Final Fantasy XV Promptis works. -The Prince's Shadow- A young Noct decides to confront Prompto instead of waiting for high school. -Sta...
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Final Fantasy XV oneshots by TheEddsworldTrashbag
Final Fantasy XV oneshotsby TheFandomTrashabg
Literally only two ships in this book: Gladio x Ignis and Prompto x Noctis Idk if anyone will actually read this but oh well Probably a lot of 'normal' world aus where t...
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A Night In Insomnia// Final Fantasy XV by MaskedWithWords
A Night In Insomnia// Final MaskedWithWords
After Prompto turned to Noctis after a sleepless night, the boys embark on an adventure around the city of Insomnia. The teenage school boys had little knowledge about t...
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Secrets || Promptis by idksoothighs
Secrets || Promptisby idksoothighs
Title: Secrets Pairing: Promptis Genre: Angst Word Count: 1.4k Author note: Physically hurt to write i never wanna do this again get out of my life Promptis angst never...
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Blind! Prompto AU by ecalevol
Blind! Prompto AUby Cecil
Practice pieces only. This won't ever be a completed story but I thought I'd share what I've made. **Parts following the Episode Prompto storyline are marked as E/P.
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Prompto's 10 years of Darkness by CrimsonDragonWolf
Prompto's 10 years of Darknessby Cory Kaluza
Prompto just got rescued by Noctis from Ardyn, only to have Noct taken away from him again, plunging the world into a seemingly endless night. Prompto is determined to s...
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Where You  Worried About Me?....[A Noct x Prompto Story] by SunshineuWithSwag
Where You Worried About Me?....[ SunshineuWithSwag
Since Prompto is trapped with the immortal Chancellor Ardyn he is stuck in a cross type of holder he really doesnt like as he has Claustrophobia, he feel that since what...
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{Promptis Oneshots} by light-the-night_sky
{Promptis Oneshots}by •Aris Lucis Aeterna•
Pairing: Promptis (Noctis Lucis Caelum X Prompto Argentum) Game: Final Fantasy XV (prev. Versus XIII) Requests and Ideas welcome ; ) Original Cover art: https://quicksil...
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{Random Oneshots} by light-the-night_sky
{Random Oneshots}by •Aris Lucis Aeterna•
Hi~ this is just a random collection of oneshots that I wrote, so here ya go! I take requests, but probably not lemons xp. FINALLY GOT A PROPER COVER ~Aris
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Behind the Blonde Mask - A Final Fantasy XV Fanfic by LadySteelsteam
Behind the Blonde Mask - A Final Lady Steelsteam (DEAD ACCOUNT)
-SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 13- All Noctis cared about was finding his friends. Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto. All he wanted was to keep them all safe. But he hesitates for the...
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Aim, Shoot. (Prompto x Noctis) by RandomPrince
Aim, Shoot. (Prompto x Noctis)by RandomPrince
Prompto Argentum falls for the mysterious prince who rolls in his school. However, the prince seems to gain attention from every student he passes by, which makes Prompt...
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Beautiful by Musical_Solace
Beautifulby Musical_Solace
Part one of a trilogy inspired by Wanna One's song "Beautiful" Noctis Lucis Caelum, the introverted prince of Insomnia, meets Prompto Argentum, a new student i...
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Cold Water || Promptis by AquarianDweeb
Cold Water || Promptisby AquarianDweeb
Noctis and Prompto are an unlikely pair of friends, but with Noctis' 18th birthday on the horizon, Prompto begins to realise that the feelings he has for Noctis might be...
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A Perfect(?) Prince by KynastonViloet
A Perfect(?) Princeby Kynaston Viloet
Words are powerful, no doubt. But finding them, is it truly that hard? He's right about to find out, firsthand. Determined to document their escapade in more than photos...
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