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What happened last chapter : Now alone in the room, I ate one of her dumplings as my eyes stopped on a copy of the newspaper, resting on her desk. That Cindy was really pretty.

And now the next chapter (Back to Prompto's P.O.V)
The day passed without any harassements which for me was a success. Swiftly running out of the school, all I had in my mind was the dog, Chibi. Okay, and maybe I was a little worried about the prince. Was he doing alright? Did his reputation dropped? Because I've passed the whole day staying in the classroom, I had no idea on how he was holding
up. I wish that I had the courage to apologise. I tried to shrug my worry away as my house came to view. Just thinking about the dog made me feel better. Getting my keys out of my pockets, I unlocked the front door, expecting to hear the dog yapping at my arrival, but nothing. No sounds whatsoever. Worry gets over me all over again as I quickly got rid of my backpack from my back and walked around the house. Chibi disappeared. A little bit pale, I called out his name a few times, looking around for any possible exits that he could have took, but none were to be found. All my windows and doors were locked, only raising my level of confusion. Where could he be? I spent the rest of the day searching for Chibi, inside and out of the house, but it was uneventful. The dog had disappeared. I came back home as the sun was setting down, remembering the pile of homework that I had to finish off for tomorrow. The house was dark. It felt horribly lonely.

The next day
I walked into school, tired and sloppy. Having Chibi disappearing out of nowhere really took a toll on me and my mood. Nothing was awaiting me, not at home and neither at school. Still afraid though, I tried to sneak my way into the building without Johan noticing me, but as I arrived next to my shoe locker, he was there, waiting for me. My worry should have been expressing all over my face because he started grinning, along with his few friends. I stopped in my tracks and carefully looked around for any teachers that could be roaming around at this hour. Of course there wasn't. Wasn't that convenient for him? Shaking a little, I walked closer to him. "I told the teachers that me and my friends are taking over surveillance duty. Now I get to hit you and a gold star! Lucky me." I wanted to run away and tell someone, but I couldnt run away. I was scared and frozen on the ground. As soon as Johan was about to do something, a voice was heard from behind me. It was an annoyingly familliar voice, too high pitched for it to be the prince or even Cindy. Johan stopped in his tracks and glared behind me. I curiously turned around just to see that newspaper girl. Iris ?? "Stop it you meanie or I will tell the principal!" She shouted as she pointed at him, gathering some stares towards us. Taken aback, Johan backed away a little bit and lowered his hand. "And who are you to tell me something like that? What makes you think that the principal will listen to you? I am the best student in this building after the prince." You could tell that he was scared and hesitating. Looking a little bit offended, Iris pouted and walked closer to him. "Iris Amicitia, little sister of the future and best royal shield and best friend of the prince, along with best reporter of the school! You may not mess with me. King Regis likes me a lot and he's willing to punish anyone who is mean to me." My eyes widened at her introduction and Johan was scared shitless, almost at the point of pissing his pants. So she was very important in the royal family. The group of bullies ran away, leaving me and Iris alone. Silence reigned for a bit, but quickly disappeared as she started talking to me. "Prompto, I wanted to tell you that I was sorry for using you for my newspaper. I just really wanted to become popular and keep my newspaper club. It was very mean of me and you deserve to have something as an apology. What do you want?" Trying to process what she just said, I blinked my eyelids and asked for her to repeat.

"I asked if you wished for anything in particular, as an apology of mine. So? Anything in mind? Maybe some food? Some cake? Some crème brûlée? Some ice cream? Ooh, let's go eat some ice cream together after school! I can ask for Cor to bring us there! I heard that there was an ice cream shop not too far from here." I didnt wanted to waste some of her time and money, but since she looked so excited, I couldn't help but to agree. Maybe she doesnt get to eat a lot of ice cream at the palace. I hesitantly nodded, cheeks as red as cherries at the thought of going to get some ice cream with someone so close to the royal family. Inside, I was also really happy to taste some of this ice cream that she mentionned. I wonder if its good. She cheered of joy and ran away after waving me goodbye, probably to join the prince. Little did I know that I was going to regret this. Anyways, I made my way towards my classroom, still processing what just happened. The day went on just like any other day, filled with boredom, until the last bell rang. Oh right, I had to meet up with Iris to eat some ice cream.

A little bit later
Okay, that is the most awkward car ride I've ever been on and that's saying something. My eyes were fixated to the window, looking at the view while Iris kept bumping into me in excitement. The reason I was so tense was because THE PRINCE NOCTIS was sitting right next to Iris in complete silence. He was going to get ice cream with us and she didnt bothered to warn me first so now here we are. Mid-road, I took a glance at the prince and saw him playing on his phone, probably at that Final Fantasy game he talked about last time. Iris's loud voice brought me back to reality. "No, I dont want to eat the ice cream at the palace! Its always the same thing! I want to explore more of the city anyways." She pouted as I heard the driver sigh. At that sentence, his highness grinned and put away his phone. "That's false. The real reason is because Gladio does not let you eat ice cream anymore. It's not good for your health, he said." Iris pulled out her tongue to Noctis since he was probably spot on. I wonder who was Gladio. As Iris was trying to come with a comeback, the prince and I accidently crossed looks, which resulted in even more awkwardness. This is going to be a long hour.

Thank you for reading everyone and I hope you enjoyed that awkward reunion. As you saw it coming, Iris is going to play a bigger role in my story. She honestly deserved better.

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