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Hard To Love (Noctis X Prompto) by MajesticTeagle
Hard To Love (Noctis X Prompto)by Faithian Hroman
Noctis is tired of being pressured to be a Prince. He hates how people treat him, as if he's fragile and must be cared for. He's especially sick of his father pestering...
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Growing love // Promptis (Noctis x Prompto) // FFXV by Khatymiss
Growing love // Promptis (Noctis Khatymiss707
Welcome to this story. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. This is still ongoing ♡ SLOW UPDATES CAUSE I'M A JERK EXTREME GAYNESS AND FRIENDSHIP BECAUS...
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Dead or Alive | Promptis Oneshot by 3thequietnerd3
Dead or Alive | Promptis Oneshotby Studious snek
Pairing Prompto x Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, slight angst. This story isn't one of the best ones, I just had an idea and made it real. Though I hope you'll enjoy it!
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Cold Water || Promptis by AquarianDweeb
Cold Water || Promptisby AquarianDweeb
Noctis and Prompto are an unlikely pair of friends, but with Noctis' 18th birthday on the horizon, Prompto begins to realise that the feelings he has for Noctis might be...
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His Lovely Insecurities by prisonerofpurgatory
His Lovely Insecuritiesby ScrewNormal
Prompto, a poor, lonely yet intelligent Omega. Noctis, a wealthy, calm, collective Alpha. Both had been secretly admiring each other from afar for years. Will their rela...
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Angels Carried Us Away (Prompto x Noctis) by SoThisIsHeartbreak
Angels Carried Us Away (Prompto Broken Soul
"Legends across Eos tell the story of an old tribe known to have been gifted by the Gods with the ability of seeing into the future. This ability manifested itself...
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The Malicious Mafia by _Animewonderland_
The Malicious Mafiaby _Animewonderland_
FF15 AU - Prompto x Noctis _____ "I'm going to give you a face tattoo,and by face tattoo I mean shooting you in the face!" "And I'm going to punch you! On...
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Him or Her (A Final Fantasy XV Fanfiction) by JennyHall280
Him or Her (A Final Fantasy XV 9TailedFox Gaming
This story is a Final Fantasy XV based story where the youngest in the group falls for his close friend but he also falls for a sweet girl that works at a garage. Who wi...
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The Eyes of Betrayal  by lexxen
The Eyes of Betrayal by Lexxen
What happens when the only royalty left gets kidnapped, and tortured to the point he can't remember himself? Remember his friends? Changing his point of view, and is wil...
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