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Last Time: I figured that if I looked different, maybe I could fufill Lady Lunafreya's will and become friends with Prince Noctis again without any problems. I guess for myself as well, help me out a little in my morning walks to school, but now that I said it out loud, it sounds impossible.

Let get to it!
The teacher spoke nonesense as usual as I tried to follow and understand what he was saying, struggling a lot of course. Another few hours went by just like that as the bell finally rang to end our suffering. I grinned as it was now lunch time. I was getting very hungry and I even had this home prepared dish today. I celebrated in my head and took out my bento that was laying in my bag next to me. Already feeling myself drooling, I pushed away my notebook to let some space on the desk and opened it up. It was plain, but still looking pretty good. Since we didn't have much money, there was rice, ghysals greens and some fried Daggerquill meat, along with some sauce on the top. Feeling safe enough in the classroom despite having a lot of my classmates in the same room, I started eating with an unnoticeable smile.

While I was eating, a boy then bumped into my desk as he was playing with his friends, almost making me drop my chopsticks on the desk along with the Daggerquill bite. Relieved, I took the whole bite in my mouth and turned around to face the guy who looked very regretful. I tried to calm him down by telling him that it was no big deal, but he kept apologising until I accepted his apology. It made me feel weird, to see that someone would act nicely around me. I never really saw him before, so he probably wasn't in our class and hung out here with his friend. I then saw this as an opportunity. Shyly, I kept him from going away and asked. "Hey, I... Do you know any excercise techniques? Im trying to... you know, lose some weight." The classmates surrounding us looked at me in shock, maybe since they weren't expecting it. Just like the ones who overheard me, the boy stayed silent and tried to come up with an answer as his friend came closer. Luckily for me, he was one of the few who didn't have an opinion on me. He was actually pretty nice. "Why don't you check on the Internet? There's plenty of tips in there." My nice classmate asked, shifting his head a little. A little embarrassed to tell them, my cheeks flashed a little as I scratched my right cheek. I answered in a whisper. "I don't have a computer, even less a phone." I shifted my gaze away, but I could still see the two of them who exchanged their gazes. There was a minute of awkward silence until the first one took out his phone after making a sign to his friend. After typing a bunch of stuff which I didnt understood, since his phone was set in another language, he turned his phone towards me before flashing me with a soft smile. "There you go." I thanked him and waited a few seconds before understanding that he wanted me to grab it. Not really sure, I slowly reached for the phone and stopped mid-track in case I was wrong, but finally took it in my hands as he looked at me and shoved it closer to my hand. Hearing his friend whispering behind him, I thanked him for the time and read what was written on this site. Thanks god that it was in Japanese! Let me sum it up for you. Basically, the site told me that running could make wonders but under some conditions. I have to do it daily under an hour, which I could add to when I feel ready and keep a healthy and lighter diet. There was some more stuff, but at least I got the essential, even though reading it made me feel like giving up already. I was nervous. What if I fail? What if the information was false? What if they still recognise me? What if the prince doesn't want to be friends with me anymore?

I finally gave it back to the nice boy and continued to stuff my mouth as I thought about all of this after thanking him. I swear to god it has became a habit of sort. I was almost done with my plate when I noticed that my classmates were whispering and all about Cindy. I wonder what was going on. I looked up and there she was with a grin on her face. "Can I eat with you?" The students all around both of is started panicking and theorizing about the odd pair we were. Even the two boys from earlier were surprised. I gulped in hesitation and tried to make her notice the mess she created as she asked me that, but that didn't seemed to bother her. She shrugged, understanding what I was trying to tell her, and simply sat down after bringing a nearby chair towards my desk. I stayed there with widened eyes as she started eating noddles from a cup. The whispers around us still didn't seemed to calm down. Not really knowing what to do, I kept myself from saying anything and finished up my bento. "I..." I heard her whisper next to me. I brought my gaze back on her, not too sure if I had imagined it. She continued in a low voice, enough for me and only me to hear. "I have no one to eat with except you. They all left me." Her voice was shaking as she looked straight at the desk. I suddenly felt extremely guilty. That was all because of me. I gulped and opened my mouth to answer her back, but she interrupted me. "Again, it's not your fault. I was the one who poorly chose my friends. They'd stick right by me if ya'll were. I'm glad that I still have you." She said with a hint of sadness in her voice, but continued to slurp on her noodles. My heart skipped a beat at her sentence. "You're welcome." That was all that I could say at the moment.

Sorry for the lack of Promptis in this chapter, but the next one is going to be THE Promptis moment soooo... Will you forgive me?

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