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If you guys didnt know, my story apparently made it to the Wattys 2019 and since I dont really know how it works (Im am idiot, I know), I want to say thanks and if you really enjoy it, it would be amazing if you share it around to your friends.

So, this is what happened : A lot more confused, I turned around in search for answers, but he was already walking away. What just happened and who was that Cor person?

Now the rest
I managed to pull my keys out of my pocket with my shaky hands and pushed opened the door, coming face to face with my mom and dad in the kitchen room. Usually, I would have said Welcome back or give them a small hug, but I couldnt move. Cor was the only thing in my mind. Apparently, my parents had no intention to give me a warm welcome back neither. "Where were you?? I was so worried. I thought that you were kidnapped or something. Now that you're here, clean the laundry. We need it for our next trip." I looked at them, not affected at all. It was always like that. They came back and the next week, they go away for who knows how long. I could tell that they didn't care about me, but at this point, it didn't even bothered me anymore. I made my way into the bathroom and took care of their laundry. After doing so, I went back downstairs to find the both of them watching the tv. I then asked them if there was anything else to do before heading back upstairs to do my homework. "Oh yeah, check the mail box before going." She didn't even bothered to take off her eyes from the screen. Letting out a soft sigh, I put on my shoes and walked out towards the mail box. The sun was setting and the wind was calming. Maybe staying outside for a few minutes won't hurt. I checked the box to find a single letter which to my surprise had a royal stamp. Why would my parents receive such a letter? It then hit me. The letter was sent from Tenebrae... for me. As if I didnt panicked enough for today, I controlled my breathing and opened the letter as I sat on the front stairs. It smelled nice.

Noctis's P.O.V
As Cor stepped back into the car, I could swear that he had that small smirk on his face. Iris didn't seemed to have noticed, but this is a big deal. He never and I mean NEVER smiled in front of us. I wonder what did he told Prompto. Speaking of him, I took one last glance at him as we took off. He seemed to have enjoyed our time together. I could only wish to have him around at school too. He was my first genuine non-royalty friend. A little bit sad, I opened back my phone and played some more Mobius Final Fantasy. When we finally reached the castle, Iris jumped off to go see her brother and I followed Cor into the palace, accompagnied by Ignis. "Prince Noctis, you have ice cream on your shirt. Please eat more carefully next time. You're the prince-" I turned around to look at him. "Iggy, back off my back. I'm a kid, it's normal. You should try to take a break and have fun once in a while. You're a kid too." I said, hands on the back of my head. As he forced me to walk with my eyes foward, he answered. "I wish I could, but someone keeps giving me more tasks to do, because they can't take care of themselves." I was certain that Iggy was holding a grin as he said that. "C'mon, it's not that bad." I straightened my back as we walked pass the door for the throne room, where my dad was holding a meeting. "So having your clothes all over the room is not that bad?" I let out a groan as I heard Cor snorting next to me. He caught me and it was not funny. "So, why are you following me? Did something come up?" I tried changing the subject to shut up Cor next to me. In a matter of seconds, Ignis came back to his professional mode. "Yes, I'm here to announce you that Lady Lunafreya is here. She is awaiting you in the tea room." A little bit surprised, I thanked the brunet with the glasses and made my way towards the tea room just like he told me right after giving my bag to Cor. Homework could wait. As the two big doors appeared before me, I forced them open and saw the beautiful Lunafreya peacefully reading a book next to the opened window. I blushed a little and walked closer. From the corner of her eyes, she smiled and greeted me. She then placed the book down as I sat on the couch next to her. "So, having fun at your new school? Do you like it better than being home-schooled?" She asked with obvious interest. I leaned back a little. "I guess. There's a lot of students that always comes to me just because I'm the prince though. Its annoying." I grabbed a cookie that was resting on the low table, then remembering Prompto.

"Oh, but there's one of them who was really nice to me. His name's Prompto Argent- something. He was a great friend. He wasn't trying to get fame or anything." I took a bite of the cookie and chewed on it as Luna became silent, seemingly trying to remember something. She finally remembered the second I took my second bite. "Prompto Argentum was it?" I looked at her in surprise, confused on how she could've have known his name despite never having heard of him. I slowly nodded as I reached for a second one. For some reason, she sighed in relief and reached into her small purse that she had next to her. The girl then pulled out a handchief and dragged it in front of my eyes. The blue-ish tissue had Prompto's name on it, along with his adress. Hesitantly grabbing it out of her hands, I once again looked at her in confusion, searching for some kind of answer. "Remember when I told you last month that I was going to send Pryna to you? Well..."

Prompto's P.O.V.
Shaking, I grabbed the letter out of its enveloppe with care and started to read it. Little did I know that this letter was going to change my whole life.

Its already the end of today's chapter and I hope that you'll stick around for the next one. I guess that this chapter is like, the end of the first arc. Anyways, see you next time and thank you for reading!

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