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Welp, I hope you guys will like this, especially when this chapter includes a dog and drama !

That's what you missed on Glee- : It would probably be ten times better than where I live now. A sigh left my lips and I resumed my walk.

At school
With my bag on my sore shoulder, I sighed for the fifth time today as I walked in deeper into the halls of this school. I felt incredibly tired for some reason and the last thing I wanted to do is get out of my bed. A small yawn gets out from my mouth, wiping my eyes at the same time. I was already eager for school to finish. I walked for what seemed like an eternity, obviously dragging my feets on the ground every step I took. Almost arrived to my classroom, I noticed Iris eyeing me in the corner as she talked to her friends but I don't even bother walking over to her or exchange looks. I just walked into the room without a word. The only thing that worried me was her facial expression. She looked hatefully happy for some unknown reasons. Finally sitting down on my amazing seat which I waited to sit on for at least the very moment I stepped into this building, I take out my pencil case and camera. I guess spending the few minutes left before class on my photos was no big deal. As I played around with it, I then realised that the lovely silhouette I love was talking to her friends just in front of my class's door, Cindy. Her blond curls lightly bounced around as she giggled to some stupid joke that girl Tanyl told her. I find myself staring at her instead of my precious camera. Seconds passed until she realised that I was looking at her and guess what ? She waved at me once again ! My heart fluttered at her smile. Blushing like crazy, her other friend Relyn peaked into the class and cringed at the sight of my fat figure sitting at the desk. I could imagine her saying some sort of insult from her moving lips to Cindy who gratefully decided to ignore her and walk away to leave me my space. I then came back to my senses and occupied myself until Miss Emnius started teaching us history.

It was now lunch and honestly, I was not so hungry today. Tiredness was taking over me instead. I stepped out from the class and noticed an attroupment of students surrounding the school's newspaper board. Weirdly, I pointed out that they were a lot more people than when they surround the poor prince. Curious myself, I decided to take a little peek and what I saw was my worse nightmare. On the front page of the newspaper of today, there was written my name, but that was not it. Two pictures were taken. One with Cindy waving at me this morning and another with myself talking to Noctis. The title was reading itself as : The weird love triangle. You don't know how much I wanted to disappear as those words appeared in my head. Honestly, I had no intention to continue further than the title so I just ran away without passing by the cafeteria or anything. I found myself outside, finally taking a break. I was probably forbidden to do so but that didn't mattered. I had to get out of there. I took a seat on the floor, leaning my back on the dirty wall. Taking back my breath, I then remembered the one who claimed to be the leader of the newspaper club or something like that. Iris she said... At the moment, I couldn't feel anything else but confusion and sadness. Not for me but for her. She had nothing to write about maybe. She seemed so engaged into what's she's doing. At least some good will come of it for her, but what am I supposed to do now whenever I face both of them ?! Especially Cindy since I don't think that people would believe a boy on boy love. It certainly does not help that she's is the most popular girl out there ! I sighed as I brought my eyes to the blue sky, reminding me of the day I spent most of my class on the ground. Too tired to cry, I just gazed until I heard a soft voice calling me out by my last name to my right. I didn't even bothered to turn around, but felt like I should as they sat down next to me. It was the prince. Taken aback, I jumped a little and blushed out of embarrassement. He must be so angry after me.

"I'm so sorry about the-" I don't even finish my sentence before I get lost in his faint smile. "It's not your fault. It was Iris who tried to fake something for popularity. I just have to clear some things out with her and soon enough, everything will be okay." I frowned. Now that Iris girl was going to get it because of me. Instead of comforting me, it actually gave off some sort of pity for her. Feeling bad, I stood up with a little struggle and faced him once again after he followed me up. "Maybe it's not good for you to stay around me. I just feel that you and I would just get more problems if we stay friends. Please understand what I am saying. Its my fault for making them believe whatever they think." I said, hesitant at first. Seeing how sad I must have looked, Noctis just nodded and swiftly slipped his hands in his pockets before walking away. Now, I've lost my only friend because of this. Out of the sudden, I quickly felt some anger rise inside of me but made it fade away as I realised. It was not even worth it.

Around fifteen minutes after the prince went back inside, I entered the building in complete silence, feeling the obvious stares behind my back. This is just so uncomfortable...

Later, after school
I sighed in relief as I stepped out of the door frame. I was going back home without Johan even bothering me, even after all this Newspaper rumor (they called it like that). I knew that it would probably come tomorrow but right now, I'd rather enjoying the peace I was getting instead of worrying. Finally free from the never ending questions that were brought to me, I walked out of there, not feeling any pressure up on my shoulders right now despite today's events. Going back home is literally the best feeling ever despite the fact that no one was waiting for me home. At least I was getting away from the questions and glares thrown at me every second. Feeling a tiny grin upon my lips, I dragged my feet through the road and searched around my bag filled of unnecessary items. Finally finding what I've been looking for, I plunged my hand at its direction and grabbed it out. There in my grip was my precious camera. I figured that I could use it to capture the breathtaking blue sky up to our heads that somehow made me think of Noctis's eyes. A little confused but not bothered by this suddenly thought, I clicked the button that was resting underneath my finger and checked the picture out. It wasn't bad. Kinda satisfied, I continued looking around through the lense of the camera in search of interesting things to photograph. I did so for a while as I let my feet guide me until my eyes fell on a poor puppy. Before I even went over to help him/her, I smoothly slipped my finger on the button out of habit and quickly ran over to finally crouch closer to the dog. I flashed it my best smile for him/her to feel less nervous but washed it away soon enough after realising that its foot was injured which was probably why it was laying on the ground as it whined. Suddenly worried, I took out my handchief and carefully wrapped it around the leg, stained of disgusting blood, after wiping it away the most that I could. Poor thing...

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