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I'm re-reading what I wrote and it sucks XD
What happened : That's... nice. Taken aback from the word of encouragement, I simply gave him back a broken nod as he jogged away.

For the rest of the weekend, I decided to keep on jogging on a limited time, hoping for my body to change, but who knew it took a long time before it actually does? I sighed one last time as I checked myself in my mirror. Still no progress for now, even with my 2 hours jogging schedule, but I did feel a little bit more motivated and lighter, especially thanks to the usual jogging men. These past two days, he kept encouraging me. I just hope to thank him for once or even say a word to him next time.

I woke up this morning without my parents in sight. That was way quicker than I thought, but it didn't bothered me much. Taking my camera with me, I prepared myself for school and came back to taking money from the drawer. Sigh...

Walking into the large building, I felt myself sigh once again as I felt gazes towards me. The newspaper thing didn't died down at all. To my joy, the newspaper was at least taken off the boards thanks to Iris. Speaking of the wolf, there she was, simply walking in the halls as she waved at someone. I looked at her for a while until I noticed her smile has dropped as she walked closer. Confused, I turned around to see no one and turned back to face her. Oh, she was waving at me. Now at an appropriate distance, she stopped in her tracks and placed her hands on her hips. "You should at least wave back." She said, pouting at my lack of reply. I quickly apologized after getting a hang of myself and shyly asked why did she came over to me. "What? Aren't we friends?" She frowned. Taken aback, my eyes widened as I blushed, not expecting that as an answer at all. I stayed silent for a few seconds with my mouth slightly opened, not sure what to say until she continued. "And because Cor also asked me how you were doing. I wonder how you got to him that quick." She added, confused. Just as lost as she was, I told her that I was fine and that I didn't know how I got Cor to like me that much. She simply nodded and went on her way. I guess that's all that she wanted to hear.

I made my way into my classroom and took out my camera, only to remember what day we were today. Oh no.... I felt my body turn stiff as I simply remembered. I have gym class with Johan, including the prince. Feeling my mood drop, I buried my head into my arms and groaned after sliding my camera back in the bag. Everything just had to go wrong. Keeping my head face down on the desk, I gradually heard footsteps after footsteps into the room, telling me that gym class was slowly coming. Eventually, the room filled itself with chatters as the bell finally rang. Gym at first period was literally the worst idea ever. The teacher then made his entrance and took us all to the changing rooms where Johan's and Prince Noctis's class was taken first. As usual, Mr. Muscles told us that the class was already in the gym, but I knew that Johan stayed in the room just to torment me. I mean, it's true that he used to do this only once a month before, but since the prince arrived, I seem to always get on his nerves. Well, I did become friends with Cindy, his ultimate crush, and with the prince while he couldn't. He also got humiliated by Iris because of me. Okay, now I get it.

We all stepped into our assigned changing rooms and guess who was there, waiting for me with a smirk. I wish that I wouldn't have been right. As Johan walked over to me, all I could see was the boys of my class slowly backing away into hiding. That totally made me feel safe. When Johan decided it was close enough, he smirked wildly before pushing me on the locker. "Hello piggy! Don't you love when we are alone like this? I can say that I do." Johan couldn't help himself, but to snort like a pig.

"I don't..." I said under my breath, not actually wanting for him to hear, but he did.

"Aw really? Maybe it's because you like to play alone in the mud!" He laughed at my face, spitting even. It wasn't even that funny. As he saw that I didn't laughed one bit, he was about to open his mouth again, but he didn't as the door burst open.

"Johan! Prompto! Go to the principal's office! We are calling your parents." The teacher rushed in with brute force, suddenly making Johan back away. We both didn't know what was happening, I could tell. I shivered in fear, not knowing what I've done and followed the teacher out of the room, having Johan trailing behind me. It surely didn't helped that a million questions ran through my head. How much did he saw? Why was I to go to the principal's office? Why was Johan called out too? Do they know?

With the teacher on our trails, we both silently walked into the principal's office, keeping a good distance between us. Still silent, we sat down on the chairs in front of the intimidating man, hearing the door close behind us. I felt trapped. My breath became uneven. I didn't felt comfortable. I wanted to get out, immediately.

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