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I hope you'll enjoy this chapter!

Previously, on Avatar- I mean uhhhh... : Also, Johan was in my class. The school mix classes when they consider the class being a fun class and he just HAD to be in mine.

I quickly stepped into the room and slipped into the corner, not wanting to attract any stares to me but backfired as I felt their mocking smirks towards me that they didn't even bothered hiding when I walked pass them. Feeling horribly uncomfortable, I started stripping down my clothes the second they stopped looking and occupied themselves. Well, at least most of them. As if I wasn't feeling awkward enough, I suddenly saw the door open once again in a slam, revealing a few more guys but most importantly, the prince in his usual elegant posture at the frame of the door. As if I was trying easiest thing to spot in the room, his dreamy eyes then crossed mines before he walked away to change into his gym clothes. My face quickly went from neutral to blood rushing to my ears as our eyes crossed paths. All embarrassed for some unknown reason, I dragged my gaze unto the floor to realise that I was shirtless. It got harder to breathe, pressuring me to get out the fastest possible after changing. When I was done, I walked out in a hurry and immediately sat down on one of the benches placed around in the gymnasium, not really wanting to be in there anymore. Why was I acting like that ?! As the minutes passed by, I tried to calm myself down as more and more students entered the gym and then came Noctis who by a matter of fact decided to sit down next to me, making me panick once again. He was going to start a conversation with me but got interrupted by the bell before he could even move his lips, which of course got followed by our teacher for this last class stepping into the room. He was unbelievably tall and his body was literally just muscles, giving me another reason to hate this class. Way too scary in my opinion but a life saver for not letting Noctis talk to me after what happened. He did the roll call* (calling us just by our last name for some reason) as most of the class was whispering to each other while the prince and me just sat uncomfortably close. After doing so, he finally announced that we were going to play some volleyball and at the second he stated that we were going to play without giving us the rules that we were already supposed to know by now, his highness then raised his arm. "I don't know how to play. I don't even know what it is." Some muffled giggles ran around the gym as he just sat there, clueless and waiting for the teacher to explain. Mr. Velt let out a sigh probably not ment to be noticed and started to give out his explanation. Not listening at all, I shifted on the seat. Honestly, all that I wanted was for this class to end. I mean, being in tight shorts around the prince with this apparence of mine was not the best scenario that I wanted to be in. I kept shifting on the seat, all tense and stressed for again no reason. As soon as he was done with this seemingly infinite talk, I immediatly stood up and joined the sector that our already formed teams were assigned to before as the prince stayed sit down to watch us play and learn I guess.

The first match started off with the blow of his high pitched whistle as I tried my best playing while the prince gazed at us, all impressed, but felt very uncomfortable at the same time. I feel like he was staring a lot at me. With all the blood, sweat and tears I gave into this match, we still lost from a huge gap of 8 points against the other team. For us, it was a huge difference. Well, at least for me. Actually feeling a little bit disappointed, I decided to go back on the seat and look at the next match by the other teams. Of course, here came the unnecessary comments. "Prompto is in our team, this is unfair..." My teammates said as they pouted. "Lucky us !" The other team gave themselves high-fives as they saw their pouting faces. That hurted more than it should've. Not really wanting to look at them and neither listen, I looked away, aware that it wouldn't change anything but still did. Tears were coming up without any warning. I tried sniffing them back for his highness to not notice and never looked at him once again, hoping that he didn't noticed anything even though I deeply knew that it was too late. Luckily, he didn't tried to talk to me and stayed silent on his side. It helped me a lot.

The period finally ended without any intermission with his majesty and neither Johan to my luck. Slipping out a sigh of relief unintentionally, I walk back into the intimidating changing room and rush towards my corner as I like to call it to change out of my clothes. My muscles (yes I do have some) were sore from playing all these matches and as you probably predicted, my team lost all of the time. It wasn't just me the problem. We were all just too hesitant to take the ball most of the time but yeah, I am the one to blame. Now that I think of it, I am probably going to get bullied later on or even at this moment. Suddenly nervous, I quickly try to change out of shirts and get out but with my luck, I feel someone calling me out as pig. I finished placing my shirt before turning around to that familiar voice, Johan. My eyes gave him off a glare as he laughed.

I don't know, that was kinda awkward. What was happening in my mind when I wrote this before !? Anyways, let's hope for the best for Prompto.

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