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So I just realised, it has been like, a year since I've published this book. Omg, this is amazing. I never thought that I would receive this much love. Seriously, thank you.

Last Chapter : The small girl shouted loud enough for the whole hallway to hear. I sighed. She was too energetic for her own good.

Lunch time
Noctis was never seen ever since this morning. I really tried not to worry, but knowing that he had something to give me, I just couldn't be patient. What was it that he wanted to give me? I could only think of that, even with Cindy right in front of me. I mean, you can't blame me. The PRINCE had something to give me and now he's missing?? I looked out of the window, maybe hoping to see him walking by the class, and slowly drinking from a strawberry milk box. We were completely quiet, background sounds barely audible as all I focused on was the prince until I heard Cindy clear her voice for a second. I turned around to face her, only to see my crush with a sad expression. She was staring at her burger with such sad eyes, as if she was about to cry.

"I know that ya have a lot on ya plate right now, but do ya mind listening to me for a second? It's very important or at least for me." Wondering what that was all about, I simply nodded and awaited for a response. It took her five minutes to answer, no, it was ten. It felt like she was holding back, but it eventually came out anyways.

"Um... I won't be there next year." My eyes grew wide when she stated. Was she going to move out of Insomnia? As if she could read my mind, she slowly nodded. "I have to go to Hammerhead where my grandpa wants to open his business. I just... wanted to tell you that I'm going to miss you." She smiled. She tried her best to look happy, but I knew that she was forcing herself. I thanked her for telling me and proposed to hang out with her every single day until she was to go away. She happily agreed, promising me that she would never forget about me, her first real friend. That sent butterflies to my tummy. Gosh, she was so cute and I was surely going to miss her. For the time we had left, Cindy wanted us to both go outside and play a little. It was also going to help me lose some weight some I simply agreed with her and followed her to the playground.

Noctis's P.O.V.
"No more school after this. You're going back to being home schooled when this month ends." Those words floated around in my mind. I had 26 days left to live, to have fun at school, to see Prompto. I brought my fingers to my nose, barely listening to the lesson at this point, and let out a sigh. I just can't believe that Father changed his promise just because of one grade. Then I remembered. I had to give back Prompto's tissue! Oh god, he may have waited for me this whole lunch time. Noticing that I didn't looked very well, the teacher asked me if I had to go visit the nurse, but I shrugged it off. I was just mad anyways. Not wanting to learn anymore, I muted all sound coming from the teacher's mouth and looked outside by the window.

After school (Prompto's P.O.V.)

The last bell of the day rang as joy spread all around school. Well, not really. I was just feeling down. It wasn't really my day. I mean, I just learned that Cindy was going to move out of Insomnia for I don't know how long and I couldn't even find the prince. At least the weather was great and my parents weren't home. I guess that's positive. With my bag on my shoulders, I walked out of the school and as I was about to make my way back to my house, my eyes caught a certain person. It was the prince! I suddenly felt so relieved, seeing him waiting there. I was about to get closer to him, but I stopped in my tracks. There in the corner of my eyes, I could see Johan, the one I have been trying to run away from since this morning and there he was, simply leaning on a tall tree as he talked to his friends aka slaves. I felt my whole body shiver. All will quickly faded from me as I turned around and walked the other way. I didn't wanted to see him. Not today. Maybe I could talk to Noctis another time. Now rushing away from the hateful, I have one last quick glance towards the prince. His car has just arrived, so I wouldn't be able to talk to him anyways. This was goodbye for today.

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