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Prompto's P.O.V.
Here I was, sitting at my desk on this typical day and playing on my FG (a video console I made up) at some rpg game called Final Fantasy as the sounds and voices of my classmates filled the classroom. It was break time and my classmates were hanging out with their friends and having a great time together while I was alone, like always. I stared blankly at the text-filled screen, not even following the story anymore despite it being my favorite out of all of the 14 games they created. I was just so focused, listening around the noisy classroom for some gossip and stories they were telling their friends. Yes, I know that it's a little bit creepy but I couldn't help it. I just can't seem to gather enough courage to go talk to them and socialise, especially when I knew that I was just a nobody for them. I guess that I am just too shy. It's really just my own fault.

I continued listening to conversations, not even giving a glance to my video game anymore, until I heard two girls muttering about me or more specifically, insulting me. "Is he playing video games all day? That explains why he has so much weight. I can't even tell the difference between him and a piggy. He is taking all the space in this classroom!" The girl whispered quite loudly, enough for me to hear and form a frown on my face. Her friend noticed and gently dragged her out of the class after pointing out that I heard her. As they both disappeared, I quickly looked down at my waist. She was right about my weight. I was round and I did felt awkward about it but I shrugged it off. I tried going on a diet but it simply didn't worked, so I gave up. A few minutes passed and the bell finally rang, bringing back the teacher in the class to teach.

It was finally time for the moment that I was waiting for ; lunch. I could literally hear my stomach grumble in hunger while listening to the teacher's endless lessons that made my head spin. All excited and especially hungry, I quickly rushed out of the classroom, practically drooling, into the long halls already filled of students. Making my way to the cafeteria as most of them did too, I noticed a small crowd of girls in the middle of the way. What was that even about?? Curious, I carefully tried to get closer to the group and saw a kid of my age, quite pretty and getting bothered by a girl grabbing unto his arm and asking him about his hair routine who just had to be the same one who insulted me earlier. I felt sad a little as my eyes fell on his expression. He might be surrounded by girls but I could see boredom in his deep blue and grey eyes, looking away from that very girl. He looked totally annoyed but no one had noticed yet.

A part of me really wanted to help him out from this situation but at the same time, my shy instinct was telling me not to. I didn't wanted to get involved and get more bullies. Before continuing my path down to the cafeteria, I analysed his face a little bit more, suddenly feeling familiar to me. Where have I ever seen that face before ? It then came to me. The boy looked awfully like the prince of Insomnia, the one who I saw on TV a few times. I stayed on doubts until another girl called him prince, to which he responded and that gave me total confirmation. What was he even doing in our school ?? Now that I'm thinking about it, I should really use this as an opportunity to thank him and King Regis for their services and also for getting me a house and a family as a lonely orphan coming from Niflheim. It was tough being alone and they really helped me for which I am forever grateful to.

Grabbing this opportunity at hands, I slowly walked closer to him and ended up being completely ignored by the prince himself who walked away to the other side without a care in the world, stepping away as every second passed to get away from the girls and from me. I let out a sigh of defeat as I looked at the sad faces of the girls standing before me. I guess that it couldn't be helped. My apparence was maybe too big for the prince. Humans all think the same don't they? Disappointed, I continued walking over to the cafeteria, walking pass those girls and suddenly feeling a strong stare creeping up behind my neck. Nervous, I discreetly glanced behind my shoulder and saw no one looking me. There was only the whining girls and the prince that stepped away. I guess that it was just my imagination. It probably was...

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