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Also, I forgot that elementary school have a eating time and recreation time like an idiot so in this universe, it's like high school.

Previous chapter : Having enough already, I considered going away but my train of thoughts got interrupted by Noctis asking me a certain question.

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"So, did you get all of this?" He asked me as he stared right into my boring blue eyes. The prince also gave me a faint smile, as if he knew I got lost in the middle of his explanation. He couldn't know that I never actually paid attention. Not expecting his question, I stuttered, still blushing from that butt insult, but not wanting to make his highness wait by taking the time to recompose myself. "Not- not really? I'm sorry but you dont have to do that for me. I won't- dont even have a clone- I mean phone and we're not even friends so what's the point really?" I said, not wanting to offend him but still trying to ask the questions that were floating in my head. Noctis just stared, a little shocked and so did the group of guys.

The silence reigned in the room, making the atmosphere go quite awkward. I shouldn't have said that. No one was brave enough to say a word until the prince talked. "So you don't want to be friends ?" His bored but passionate face faded into a sad one, making me regret my words. I was just confused at his sudden friendship he was giving me. I shook my head side to side and brought my face closer. "You got it wrong Prince Noctis. I do want to be friends! You just seemed so nice to me and I didn't understood why at first." As I stated those words, I noticed his face brightening up. I guess that he wasn't just being pitiful with me. He was about to open his mouth to talk but closed it as soon as his eyes traveled to the very board in front of the class, the very board with the girl's names on it. I totally forgot about that!

The prince may had done it discreetly, but a guy noticed his majesty's glance and erased them as quickly as possible even though it was too late. Cindy's name disappeared at the touch of the board eraser, making me crack a smile unintentionally. I don't know if he noticed that as well, but the raven prince continued the sentence he was trying to tell me in quite a better mood than before. "I'm Noctis Lucis Caleum, the prince and future heir of this very city, Insomnia. You probably already knew that but I felt the need to say it just in case. Actually, my dad is forcing me to say that when I introduce myself so just forget it. Anyways, you can call me Noctis you know? Its way better. How about you ?" He smiled with his small peachy lips and waited for me to introduce myself as well. A little bit less tense than before thanks to his warm and comforting vibe, I smiled back. Feeling a little sore in the throat because of the stress, I took the time to gather my courage and say my name, but of course something had to interrupt me. A phone call, ringing and vibrating from the prince's telephone.

After checking who was calling him, Noctis mumbled something under his breath and answer annoyingly. There went my hopes of getting a decent conversation with him. From his reaction, it might have been a call from his father or just as important. After like a minute, he hung up and sighed. Suddenly looking a little bit more down, he stood up from his chair and looked at me.

"Gotta go, my highly-paid babysitter is waiting for me outside even after I told him to come get me when lunch was over. Sorry." I gave him a small wave as he stepped out of the classroom's door frame. I was probably never going to see him again. A part of me waited for him to come back and ask for my name, still staring at the closed door and not even noticing the group of boy surrounding me until one of them placed himself in front of me. Anxiety rushed through my body as I saw them all around me.

"How come is the prince so close to you ?"

"Fatty, did you bribe him?" 

"You're just a piggy. Don't think too highly of yourself."

They told me as Johan's eyes travelled to the sandwich I was holding and which I had totally forgotten about. Without any warning, he managed to slip the sandwich out of my hands and shoved half of it in his mouth, finally giving it back to me as it hit the desk. I looked at it with a disgusted look as I realised how much hungry I was, hearing my stomach grumbling.

"No surprises, you have really good taste. It was delicious but I guess that my lobster could be way better." The hateful kid grinned and pushed me off of my chair, my back hitting the floor as hard as that sandwich earlier. I let out a groan out of pain as I looked at them going away in laughter after seeing my pitiful self on the ground. As soon as I heard the door shutting close, I slowly stood back up and placed back the chair on its feet to sit back on it. Disgusted but still hungry, I took the sandwich in my hands and tore away the part that touched Johan's dirty mouth. Bullying was rare for me, but it was still there some times to times. People were talking behind my back instead. Maybe because it is easier to do so. I was about to take a bite, eyes tearing up a little, but got interrupted by a feminine voice.

"Oh... Howdy. I didn't meant to barge in, ya know. I got the wrong classroom anyways-" She stopped talking when I lifted my gaze to her. It was Cindy and she just saw me crying! Embarrassed, I took off my blurry glasses (#relatable) and tried wiping off my tears despite my red face and shaking body even if I knew that she already saw me. I looked away, blushing furiously, and suddenly heard her sweet voice who seemed much closer than it used to be. "Are ya okay?" I jumped as I felt her breath slide on my cheek, ending up standing. As red as earlier, I looked at Cindy who had her head on her arms, resting on the desk before me. She was too close for comfort. She stood up at her turn and stared at me right in the eyes even if she was a tad bit shorter than me. I nodded reluctantly, trying to keep my tears from falling down in front of her. "Ya don't look fine. Your eyes are as red as your face. Ya were also crying not too long ago."

I tried looking away once again, but this time, she didn't let me and brought back my face to face her as her hand caressed my cheek. This was too much to handle! As if it wasn't enough, she then brushed away my disheveled hair that covered my eyes. I freaked out and ran out of the classroom, apologizing like crazy until I finally took the time to breathe again, making me realise that I was now outside next to a bench. I sighed to myself and crumbled on the bench. My heart was about to burst out of my chest! My mind wandered off, thinking about Cindy as I noticed the sandwich in my hand that I had never let go. Looking around, it was quite a nice place to eat alone. Silence was dominant in this place and the wind mixed up with the heat of the sun. It was perfect. Hungry, I stared at the sandwich and ate it all in only a few seconds, going back inside after finishing it. It wasn't bad. I just wished that Johan didn't ate half of it already.

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