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This was harder to do than I expected. How can I make bullying traumatic in a elementary school !? I just know highschool bullying !

Previously : Now that I think of it, I am probably going to get bullied later on or even at this moment. Suddenly nervous, I quickly try to change out of shirts and get out but with my luck, I feel someone calling me out as pig. I finished placing my shirt before turning around to that familiar voice, Johan. My eyes gave him off a glare as he laughed.

This chapter :
"Piggy ! I can see that you made your team lose again. I guess that it is no surprise from a fat person like you." He smirked as his arm passed on my shoulder to the cold wall behind me, making his face closer to my own. His eyes were filled with pure evil as everyone laughed. With his other hand, he poked my belly and the roar of laughter became way worse as I pushed his finger away and wrapped my arms around my stomach, embarrassed a lot. As they wouldn't calm down from giggling, my eyes locked on Noctis for a few seconds and noticed the silent prince changing of clothes but still eyeing the situation. I wish he could help me but of course that he wouldn't care. It was none of his buissness anyways. I was probably just one of his million of friends he made just to pass time. As Johan noticed that I wasn't focusing on him anymore, he pushed me on the freezing wall behind me. "Look at me ! We're having an argument !" He whined like a little baby. Before I could say anything, he continued being as mean as usual. "You have to suffer the consequences now that you made my friends lose !" With how loud he was annoyingly screaming, I was impressed that no one came in yet to check on what was going on. I then came back on his words. Consequences ?? What consequences and how was I supposed to not go through them ? I guess that I was hesitating on what to say for too long for him to start spitting on my socks. Worst feeling ever !! He kept doing that as I froze, too scared to know what would happen if I moved. His friends started doing so as well, bringing tears back to my pitiful eyes. Why is this always happening to me ?!

"Look at me chubby face ! Stop looking at the floor like a baby !" He was so loud that it hurted my ears, making twitch in the process. I prayed for it to be done as I closed my eyes, feets all wet. Suddenly, I hear the sound of something roughly falling on the ground. I jumped out of shock and slowly opened my eyes to see Johan on the floor, crying like no one ever saw him do so before as he had his hands holding his cheek. He cursed and everyone covered their ears as they gasped, including me. What happened ? All confused, I then noticed at the corner of my eyes that Noctis was much more closer to me, holding his fist and stretching it. I looked at the scene before me throughtfully and everything clicked. The prince helped me out. Noctis was about to walk out of the room but the bully interrupted his walk. "I'll t-tell EVERYONE and your r-reputation is going to be RUINED ! My father will hear about this and so is yours ! You're done for prince porcupine !" Johan cried and whined out to the unfazed prince as his friends helped him up. He slipped up his hands a little and I could see how red it was. Noctis didn't hold back at all. There was an awkward and long pause before his highness talked back. "Oh yeah ? But I was just defending him over here so either ways, I'm being seen as the hero. You can try but it won't work. I have plenty of witnesses anyways." He continued his way over to the door and disappeared as he turned right. For a second, I could swear that I saw a smirk on his face. He won the battle.

Another silence weighed on us as everyone stared at each other without making a single sound. Johan ended up glaring at me one last time and walked out at his turn. With what just happened earlier, I have a feeling that my bullying would just get worse. Now that I think of it, everything that happened until now was mostly because of the prince. I've been physically abused just once a month before and now, it happened twice in two days. Maybe I should keep my distance with Noctis after I thank him. For my own sake. With no more sound in the room, I quickly changed out of socks with the ones I kept just in case that something would happen to the one I was wearing before and walked out in a hurry, making my way to his majesty.

"Prompto right ? That's your name isn't it ? Sorry, Im used to be calling you pig." He smirked as everyone laughed behind him, except Noctis who stayed away from all of this. I wish that he would help me but of course, I was just a nobody to him. "Hey, my eyes are there you fuck face ! You made us lose so I hoped that you would be willing to suffer the consequences." His loud and annoying voice brought my attention back to him. Consequences ? I'd rather not so what was I supposed to do to not suffer ? I guess that I was hesitating for too long because the next thing I knew is that my back got shoved on the wall behind me which made my back hurt like hell. I twitched and looked away.

"Look at me in the eyes pig. Man up for once !" I felt the tears coming to me but I held them back, looking away. I kept hoping for it to be done as he kept punching me in the guts. I was so close to throw up until it suddenly stopped after hearing something falling on the floor. Confused, I quickly checked in front of me and the guy wasnt there anymore. He was actually crouching on the floor, groaning and cursing. Prince Noctis was the one standing in front of me instead. Did he helped me ?? Still confused, I stared at the scene as Noctis started to walk away. "You piece of shit ! Your reputation in the whole city will be destroyed ! I'll tell everyone !" The guy shouted to the prince, still on the ground as his friends tried to help him up. Noctis stopped in his tracks and glared at the man in person. "And if you do, I'll tell everyone that I was defending a student getting bullied by you and your little gang over there. I mean, of course they would believe me." He walked out, knowing that he won this battle. The others just stared at each other in fear, giving me the opportunity to quickly finish dressing up and get out of here. Plus, I needed to thanks him.

I am sorry if today was really short but I really wanted to upload it the fastest that I could.

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