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Remember when I said THE Promptis moment? Well, I hope that you're ready for some angst because... Well it's not really angst, it's just...

You know the drill : My heart skipped a beat at her sentence. "You're welcome." That was all that I could say at the moment.

Later on
The bell rang which announced the end of classes. I let out a huge sigh of relief, happy that school was finally over for this week and now having a whole weekend for myself- Oh, I forgot about my parents. Suddenly not as happy as earlier, I dropped my soft smile and walked down the stairs of the school. I changed shoes as soon as I arrived to my locker and walked out. The sun was blinding! I instantly placed my hand over my head as a reflex. I then thought about running. The weather wasn't too hot and neither too cold. Finally deciding to run, I took a deep breath as I closed and opened my eyes, ready for a jog towards my house, but right when I was about to make my first step, my gaze fell on Prince Noctis at my left. He was looking at me, confused I could tell. Taking me in shock, I tripped on a rock and planted my face right on the ground, letting out a weird sound as I fell. That's so embarrassing! Even worse, I decided to just stay on the ground. I didn't even tried to lift myself up. I think I just couldn't look at him in the face after that! Feeling myself blushing, I hoped for him to just ignore me, but of course that didn't happen.

I heard footsteps coming towards me, making me know that he was now in front of me. Giving in, I groaned as I looked up, seeing a hand extended towards me, the prince's hand. Hesitating at first, I finally grabbed his hand and he proceeded to try to lift me up. I then heard the only thing I didn't wanted to hear from him. It was only a simple mutter, but it made my blood freeze. "Heavy" I never knew that a word that I'm used to hear could hurt me that bad. I guess that even him found me heavy. Now knowing what he actually thought of me, I took my hand away as soon as I was standing up and walked away. "W-Wait Prompto! It was an accident. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it-" I heard the prince calling out behind me, but started to run out of his sight before he could even finish his sentence. I knew that he didn't actually mean it but... the thought of it was still in his mind. Anyways, it's a good thing that I was planning on losing some weight. Now looking down on the sidewalk, I felt my vision getting a little bit blurry as I tried to keep on a smile. It did hurt a lot more than it should have.

I walked by home as I dried my faint tears and entered as I got greeted by my mom. Well, it wasn't actually a greeting. More of a task to do as usual. I took out the trash and did the other tasks that she asked me to do around the house, proceeding to start my homework after being done. I wanted to get done with it before starting off my weekend. As I was about to finish off my first page, I remembered that I had the intention to lose some weight by running to be precise. The word that the prince slipped out replayed in my mind as I stood up from my chair. I guess that homework could wait. I walked over the mirror, noticing how I've never really looked at myself like this before. I suddenly felt myself fat. Having the idea to keep my shape in tracks, I got a hold of my camera to take a picture before sticking it on the mirror itself. I then rushed down the stairs and made my way outside, but guess what. I felt the back of my shirt getting tugged on, keeping me from stepping out. I could feel that it was my mom. Tensed up, I turned around to face her as she released the grip on my shirt. "Where do you think you're going?" She asked with her arm crossed. Looking at her obvious frown, I responded with quick hesitation. "I was about to... go running... outside." I told her and as soon as I did, her face looked at me for more answers. "To lose weight." I answered as her face twisted or should I say saddened. Her eyes looked more lucid and she let out a small and almost unnoticed gasp. I wondered why she was reacting like this, but she gave me no time to reflect on this. "Just go on with it. Prepare yourself a water bottle and better clothes." She hung her hand over her forehead and walked out of the room, leaving me alone. A little confused from that reaction, I went back upstairs to change and made myself a water bottle before getting going. I hope it wouldn't be too hard.

I regret it. I regret everything, but I'm pretty much surprised that I was still going after twenty minutes. I guess that I'm a little bit more in shape than I thought even if I was already feeling at my limits. Feeling sweaty from head to toes, I finally decided to take a break well deserved. Sitting down on the sidewalk, I used this break to drink a little of water to refresh myself and honestly, it felt so good. Relaxing on the same sidewalk and minding my own business, I then hear a voice, seemingly calling out for me. Turns out I was right and it was a man, probably a usual jogger. "First time huh? Don't give up kid!" I looked upwards to see him jogging by me with a smile. That's... nice. Taken aback from the word of encouragement, I simply gave him back a broken nod as he jogged away.

If you wondered, they have an eight day of school and three days of weekend. Their weeks goes with a cycle of 11 days. I know, it's weird, but I realized that I forgot to count as a week so I came up with this system.

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