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The dog is the real MVP here.

Previously : Suddenly worried, I took out my handchief and carefully wrapped it around the leg, stained of disgusting blood, after wiping it away the most that I could. Poor thing...

Lets continue !

As expected, I couldn't help myself from bringing it home. Yeah I know that he or she must belong to someone but I couldnt find anyone around after searching for at least an hour and plus, it started to grow on me. It was adorable. As it slept in my arms, I walked up the few stairs leading to my front door and struggled to open it up after finding my keys in my back pocket. Their car wasn't in the parking lot like usual. What was I even expecting ? I let out a sigh unintentionally and stepped into the empty hall of my small house after picking up the food laying on the ground. I did as I usually did which was taking my shoes off, bringing my bag upstairs, making sure what kind of dinner I had (burgers most of the time) and taking a shower, but this time, I had the dog. As I got into my room, I left it on the bed as it gently snored. Awww, I wished to keep it forever. I continued on my routine and then came back in my room to see the dog still asleep. I should probably make flyers or something. I installed myself on my desk, pulled out some papers along with my homework and my pencil case. Hearing the satisfying sound of the zip opening up, I grabbed a pencil and stared and the white sheet. What was I supposed to put on it anyways ? After a few minutes of thinking, it came to me that the dog woke up as I heard a faint whine behind my back. I glanced up my shoulder and saw the puppy wagging its soft fluffy white tail from its laying position. Maybe it's hungry. I gave up making flyers at the moment and after making sure that the dog wasn't too uncomfortable with me, I carefully grabbed him and walked down the stairs to go get it something to eat. Pouring the rest of the milk's content into the small bol which I rarely used, I grinned as I saw its excitement as it reached for the very bol, obviously starving. I should stop calling the dog it... I stared at its snowball shape and quickly came up with something for now. Snow ? Nah, it sounded too plain. Chibi sounded better. It's the word in Japanese for Tiny. Plus, it seemed to like it as I muttered the name out loud. Chibi wagged the tail, suddenly energitic and dropped the half-full bol all over the floor and on me by accident. "H-Hey !" I said a little angry since I had to clean this up later but seeing his face (I figured that Chibi was probably a male), it couldn't help but to bring a smile on my face.

After cleaning him throughtfully, I tucked him next to my bed and started off my homework which I finished a few hours after. Noticing how quiet he's been, I quickly turned around and saw Chibi softly driven into a deep sleep. I guess the blood loss affected him more than I thought. I stretched my arms and changed the tissue surrounding its leg for hygienic reasons after patting him. I then went back to my desk to clean up the things into my bag and realised something. Oh right, the flyers ! I tucked everything as a mess into the small school bag and placed myself back in front of my desk, thinking of what information to write. Don't blame me, it's the first time I'm doing that ! Using his sleeping state as an opportunity, I grabbed my camera which I left on the desk earlier and took a quick shot of him for the flyer. Next step was to write down my house's phone number and to finish, print at least a few of them to place them around after stickting the adorable picture on it. A few minutes passed as I finished them with satisfaction. I would stick them on my way to school tomorrow. I felt myself softly grin as I glanced at Chibi one more time before leaving the flyers on my desk. I finished off my homework that was left to do and went downstairs to eat the burger the royal guards left me. Even though I was hungry at this time of the day, I found myself to stare at it, reluctant to even eat it. I just wanted something different for a change. Maybe I could leave out a note at my door... No, that would be selfish. As my stomach grumbled in hunger, I decided to bite into the greasy burger and drink up the soda that was left for me as well. After taking care of the trash, I found myself upstairs, preparing myself to go to sleep. Slipping my pajama on, I then climbed into my bed, ready for a good night of sleep while I could but as I was about to turn off the lights with my remote, I heard Chibi whine and bark as he stood on his legs. I was never getting that few hours of sleep arent I ?

I entertained him a little as he ran through the halls of my house and gave him food. Arrived to 1am, he calmed down and sat down next to my bed, ready to sleep. Finally ! My eyes were really getting heavy. "Goodnight Chibi !" I tucked him with extra covers that I had in store and slipped into my bed myself, proceeding to close off the lights to sleep. As my eyes stayed fixated on the ceilling, it then came to my mind that Chibi might be needing a bath, especially to clean off the blood from its fur. I sat back up and glanced at the sleeping dog, looking way too comfortable to disturb. Early in the morning was a better option. I needed to sleep anyways, especially for tomorrow. I set my alarm to wake me up a little earlier than usual and placed my head back into the comfort of my fluffy pillow.

In the morning
Feeling something or more someone pressing against my stomach, I groaned and slowly opened my eyes, grumpy from getting disturbed from my sleep. I havent slept a lot either. Getting used to the lightning of the room, I fully opened my eyes and saw Chibi on my stomach and ready to lick my face. "AaAgh-" I let out as he barked in excitement and licked my face. I let out a disgusted groan and placed him on the floor for me to get out of my bed. Glancing at my alarm clock, I whined and gave off a small glare to the dog. It was 5 am and school started at 8am. Anyways, I was awake so why not just give him a bath like I was supposed to do yesterday.

So, here's an early update to make up for last time. Kinda of a filler anyways so...

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