✳New year's pt. 2✳

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Alex's pov.

It did take about an hour, but finally Mikolas and I were ready. We both ended up wearing floral pants and black sweaters on top. I decided to just curl my hair and decided to put in some sunflower earrings. Mikolas did his hair as usual and he did end up wearing his glasses.

"You ready?" He asks walking to kitchen where I was sitting and scrolling through instagram.

"Yup! Should we head out?" I ask looking over and damn son. He looked like a three course damn meal.
"Close your mouth young lady." Miki says looking at me and I blushed looking down.
"You're soo cute." he teases me once again and I look up with a small smile.
"Ugh you're cheesy. Let's go." I tell him grabbing his wrist and pulling him out the door.

"You don't even know where we have to go." Miki sighs and I stop.
"Ohh well tell me." I say and he grins at me.
"What if I don't want to?"
"Well then we're going my way." and I try dragging him into the way I was going.
"We have to go to the coffee shop where we went last time." Miki says and I nod turning into the other direction.

*time skip brought to you by lie to me because it's a damn bop*

"Heyyy you two!" Kris yelled as Mikolas and I entered the coffee shop.
"Hello lovebirds!" Miki and I say in the same voice as we walk over to Kris and Benjamin.
"So how are you all?" Benjamin asked and I nod.
"I'm good, same old, same old."
"Yeah I'm great." Mikolas says looking over at me with a slight smirk.
"Wha...?" Kris says noticing but I just brushed it off.

"Anyway what's the plan for tonight?" I ask.
"We thought that we could go around the city and just relive old memories." Benjamin answers as a waitress comes to our table.
"What would y'all like today? " she asks smiling at all of us.
"Hot chocolate." Kris, Miki and I say.
"And a chocolate milkshake, please." Mikolas adds, the woman nods.
"A vanilla milkshake for me." Benjamin says and she nods.
"Okay, I'll bring it right up." the waithress says smiling once more.

A couple of minutes later she brought the drinks, we thanked her and ended up splitting the bill into four parts.
We talked a lot and laughed. Just talking about everything from when we all meet. There were sooo many memories.
"Remember the time Kris spilled watter all over me and then jumped into a bush?" Benjamin says and we all laugh at the thought of that.
"Poor Kris was really desperate for your attention." Mikolas comments and I almost spitt the hot chocolate at his comment.
"Was not!" Kris yells back but we all laugh it off.
"Or when Miki and I feel off of our chairs." I say and we laugh some more.

After a while we ended up leaving the coffee shop and walked around Prague. The city was pretty crowded since it was that time of the year and a lot of people were here for New year's. Long story short we walked a lot and went through old memories and it was ten minutes before midnight so we four a place to sit down and watch all the fireworks.
"I'm really thankful for you all! Thank you for making my year better!" Kris said and took us all in a big hug.
"I'm thankful for you too love and alm of you." Benjamin adds.
"I am thankful for you all too. But I'm the most thankful for meeting Alex." Mikolas says and the lovebirds aww while I smile.
"Well I'm thankful for this friendship and relationship! I love you all!" I say and we hug each other once again.

And soon the countdown started.











"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" everyone screams at the top of their lungs. And in that moment of excitement and adrenaline and fireworks, Mikolas pulled me close and kissed me sweetly. The kiss lasts for a few seconds but it seems like a whole ten minutes passed by. As our lips part both Miki and I smile at each other.
"I love you soo much!"
"I love you even more!"

Love you all and I hope your year has been great so far.

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