✳fresh start✳

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Alex's pov.

Well would you look at that, waking up in my new room after about a hour of sleeping and a whole sleepless night. To tell you I'm very nervous about going to a new school and being in a conpletely new city. Prague is quite beautiful so that's something good.

I get myself to get out of my comfortable and warm bed. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair. I decided to put on a warm pastel blue sweater and black ripped skinny jeans. For my hair I just left it down. I took one last look in the mirror. People always told me I looked more mature than most sixteen year olds. To tell you I felt more mature as well. Looking at my grey eyes you can tell that I didn't get enough sleep and my freckles were there as well. And of course I have to be blind and wear glasses. I quite liked them though.

"Alex! Can you come down We have to leave in 5 minutes." my mom calls me and I take my backpack before going downstairs.
"Morning mom." I say and she smiles.
"Good morning, honey. Are you nervous for the first day?" she asks. My mom always knew about my anxiety.
"Yup, but I'm as ready as ever." I say and we leave the house.

The car ride was silent and the radio was playing. Soon enough I was in front of the school building completely alone. I need to find the headmasters office. I tell myself and go in. I found the office right away. I knocked on the door.
"Come in!" a nice sounding make voice said.

I entered the office and there was the headmaster.
"G-good day, I'm Alexandria March. I'm the new student." I say and the headmaster smiles.
"Well, miss March, welcome to our school. Here is your schedule, and a student should arrive about now to show you around." he says handing me the schedule.
"Thank you." I say.

Then there is another knock on the door.
"Ah that must be Mikolas. Come in!" say the headmaster and then the door opens.

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