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Alex's pov.

It was finally Friday! Yes the very best day of the week. Tomorrow is going to be a lazy day and I'm lazy and proud.
As I am walking out of the school building I hear someone calling me.
"Alex, hey, wait!" the voice says and I turn around to see Mikolas running down the stairs.
"I'm waiting." I say as I stop walking for a second.
"What's up?" I ask him as he finally walks next to me.
"I was wondering if you would like to go out or something tomorrow?" he asks.
"Sure, sounds good. Just text me.' I answer and he nods. At first I didn't think much of why he asked me. But then my mind didn't want to shut up.

"Great, I was thinking to go out to a movie or something." Mikolas says and I question my own sanity.
"Sounds good." I say.
Well we are just friends, kinda best friends. I mean we know eachother for a whole week and I have never been more social with anybody.
As we were walking back from school we just talked about random things, just laughing a lot pretty much.

As I came home I went straight to my room and layed down onto my bed. I soon fell asleep and sleeping is the greatest thing in life, you just forget about all problems and sail away to a place of dreams.

Mikolas' pov.

I did not think about how to ask Alex to go out at all. I just asked her and she said "Sure.". And I'm not sure if it is a date or not, what does she think?
I'm probably just over thinking it again. Anyway right now I'm just laying in bed and looking out of the window. Fun fact Alex's room is next to mine as our houses are next to eachother.

She has been on my mind way too much lately, I don't know why. What do I even know? Nothing in this moment. She is different though. Shy and smart is how everybody sees her, and when she is just with me she laughs a lot and is just such a creative and nice soul. I need to stop thinking about her, though.

I look out and see Alex sleeping on her bed. She looks really peaceful. I smile to myself and close my eyes. And the more you know soon I fall asleep as well. I have a really good feeling about tomorrow.

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