✳oh really?✳

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Alex's pov.

"Really?" Mikolas asked and he had a bright smile on his wonderful face.
"Umm yeah, I'm pretty sure I do."I say and smile like an idiot.
"Well then, do you want to on a date with me?" Mikolas asks.
"Sure, when?"I say. And just so I mention it Mikolas and me were extremely close to eachother at this point.
"Right now." he says and I look confused at him.
"Umm are you sure?" I ask and he nods with a bright smile.
"Okay..." I say and before I could do anything, Mikolas grabs my hand and runs out of the house with me.

Yet again. Why does he always have to do this?
"Where are we going?" I ask as we are still running.
"To a carnival!" Mikolas says and I laugh a bit. This is unbelievably cliche. And cheesy as well.

"Well what do you want to do?" he asked, as we arrived.
"Let's get cotton candy!" I exclaimed. I sounded like a little kid, but yeah I just love cotton candy.

"Sure, and after that the fareswheel." Mikolas said and went to get cotton candy. When he came back I was panicking, because I'm kind of very terrified of heights.
"Umm Mikolas.... I'm..sort of...terrified of heights..." I finally said and he smirked.
"Well you won't be because you have me!" he said proudly and I laughed eating the cotton candy.

I'm dreading to go on the fareswheel. I just hope that I won't freak out. As we got in I was almoust sitting on Mikola' lap and he noticed that.
"Alex you don't have to be afraid." he said and I thought he was saying that because of the height. But then he said "If you want to sit on my lap you don't have to be so shy!".
And then I blushed madly.

The fareswheel eventually started moving and now I was really sitting in Mikolas' lap. Not going to lie, it was pretty comfortable, though. Okay that sounds pretty wrong...

And then it stoped just as we were at the very top. Just when I thought this couldn't get any more cliche.
"I guess you are stuck with me." Mikolas says with a loveable grin on his face.
"I still prefer you, over everybody, though." I say with a smile on my face.

We both started leaning in and get once again we kissed. This time it was different though. It was very sweet and loveable. Who would have thought that I would ever like the boy who became my first friend here? All I know is that I'm just really happy right now.

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