✳the awkward duo pt. 2✳

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Alex's pov.

When we finally arrived at the house, Kris was already stressed as hell and as I entered the house I yelled:"Honey! I'm home and I brought a stressed child with me.".

"You aren't the only one that has a stressed child with you, dear." Mikolas said from the living room. I walked over to the living room, Kris being close behind me.
"Oh would you look at that." I commented looking at Mikolas with a grin. Benjamin was sitting next to him  with wide eyes.
"Kris you sit down. Mikolas come with me. We're ummm.." I couldn't think of anything but I'm lucky that Mikolas did.
"Drinks!" He said getting up and walking to the kitchen with me.

"I need to tell you something." We both said at the same time.
"You say first." I say and he nods.
"Benjamin is really confused about Kris and he doesn't know what to do or whar they are."
"Well...Kris is the exact same. We gotta fix them somehow." I say taking out four cups and starting to make hot chocolate.

"I feel like they are talking right now or just avoiding each others existence." Miki comments and I nod laughing a bit.
"I have an odd feeling that it's the second one." I grin at the thought  of them just trying to act normal.
"Ohh idea. We can set them up. Actually no they'll kill us... Why don't they just talk it out?"
"They are wayyy to awkward tho." I add but he just shakes his head.
"No, no, no. They will. You'll see." He chuckles a bit while saying it.
"Okay, okay. Anyway let's go back." I hand him two cups of hot chocolate and I take the other two.

Surprisingly when we come in to the room the boys were actually talking and laughing with each other.
"Told you so." Mikolas whispered to me and I just shook my head and smiled a bit.

"We got you two hot chocolate. You know since it's winter and all..." I say and they just smile and nod.
"Ah thank you but Kris and me are going some where right now..." Benjamin says and I give him a confused look.
"Wait...are you two actually going on a date?" I ask and Kris blushes as usual.
"Well, ummm. Okay yeah it's a date." Kris says and both I and Mikolas start clapping and cheering  slightly.
"You two go and have fun." Mikolas says as they get up from the couch.
"But not too much fun though..." I add and the both shout "Noo, Alex!" I just laugh it off though.

And as they left it was just me and Mikolas once again.

Next chapter is gonna be the new year's chapter. Anyway thanks to the ppl that suggested what I should write and more is coming soon.
Love you all!

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