✳winter times*(pt. one)✳

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Mikolas' pov.

Living with Alex must have been the best thing that happened to me in a while. She made every day brighter no matter what happened or what was going on. She was always there. She is just Alex.

"Mikolas!" Kris yells at me and I look around. Alex and Benjamin were laughing at my reaction while Kris was trying to be 'mature'.
"Wh-what is it?" I asked and Kris gave me an annoyed look while the two kept laughing.

"It's the last day of fricken school Mikolas!" Kris yelled at me out of nowhere. Alex bursted out laughing once again. And Benjamin just fell from the chair he was sitting on.
"Benjamin! What in the world are you doing?" Kris yelled at him once again.
"Nothing Kristian my dearest." Benjamin anwsered from under the table.
"Dearest? What are you two doing?" Alex asked and Kris blushed.
"N-nothing. Anyway, it's the last day and the genocide woman is going away after the winter break." Kris said changing the subject.

"Wait, wait, wait. Mrs. Adolf is going away. Oh my lord, I'm getting drunk tomorrow." Alex said turning to Kris.
"My mom will kill you if you get drunk again though." I told her and Benjamin sudenly stood up.
"When in the world did Alex get drunk?" he asked in a very surprised maner. Alex imediently blushed like a tomato.

"Well...." and so I start reliving the whole scenario.


It was a beautiful autumn day and I was just going back home. It was getting pretty late and Alex was alone as my parents were on a seminar. And I had to get more dog food for the doggo.

I unlocked the door and Alex wasn't answering. I looked around and the more you know she was sitting by the refrigitator in the kitchen with a bottle of wine.

"Alex, what did you do now?" I ask while laughing.
"I do not know. I was looking for mineral water, and I think I may have gotten the wrong bottle." She said and looked at me.
"I can clearly see that. You really need to get diner though. My mom will kill you." after saying that she just started laughing like a mad woman.

"What is it now?" I asked her and she got up.
"You're cute. Do you have a girlfriend?" Alex asked and I bursted out laughing.
"Oh yes, and I love her very much."
"Hmm well if you ever feel like leaving her, I'll be here." Alex winked and I giggled again.
"Okay, she's amazing though."

"Mikolas! Alex! We are back!" My mom yelled from the door.
"Oh crap!" I whisper-yelled and Alex looked at me in confusion.

"What did you two do while we were awa- WHAT THE HECK! MIKOLAS! WHY IS ALEX DRUNK?" mom yelled and I just awkwardly laughed and told the story to her.
"Well if you ever drink a bit of alcohol it won't end well." she said to Alex and she noded a lot of times.

(End of flashback)

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