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Lie To Me • Jeon Jungkook by TrashyLover_
Lie To Me • Jeon Jungkookby w o n d e r l a n d
"Lie to me again." You whispered. "I love you." He lied. • A Jungkook Fanfiction • Jungkook never loved you, he loved your sister. He married you on...
  • jungkook
  • lietome
  • fanfiction
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"I prefer you."(Mikolas Josef)☑ by cluster_186
"I prefer you."(Mikolas Josef)☑by 💖
"I think... that I like you, but not in a friendly way..." "I like you too." Sidenote. I'm writing this because I haven't seen any fanfics about Mik...
  • mikolasjosef
  • lietome
  • eurovision2018
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Unheard Poetry by StraightEdgePrincess
Unheard Poetryby NerdyWriter
  • fighting
  • poetry
  • lietome
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Lie To Me (Jungkook ff) by SugaTingz
Lie To Me (Jungkook ff)by SugaTingz
What if the truth all came out but you wanted it to be something else. "Lie To Me?" "I'm sorry but I can't"
  • yoongi
  • loveaffair
  • jungkook
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YOUNGBLOOD {Luke Hemmings} by blairaddams
YOUNGBLOOD {Luke Hemmings}by Blair
A story about a beautiful, tragic, love. - Luke Hemmings and Sophie Grey's heartbreaking love story told through the album YoungBlood. - 21 chapters - one for each trac...
  • youngblood
  • 5sos
  • babylon
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The Alpha by MikaylaGrace2
The Alphaby Mikayla Grace
I had never known about vampires,werewolves,or Jacob Black ...i had never known i could see the past from anyones percpective like a superhuman...that is until I moved t...
  • iloveyou
  • lietome
  • love
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European boyfriend by Jess_JDM
European boyfriendby Thegirlfullofandoms
Every guy is different,some sassy,some classy and some a little assy. Ever wondered what a Eurovision boyfriend would be like? read and find out. (totally fiction btw,i...
  • alekseev
  • melovin
  • benjaminingrosso
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Lie To Me by zarry4win
Lie To Meby @vas_happen_ing
How difficult is it to not lie? Zarry short story. Harry's POV. Authors note: Don't bother reading without listening to Lie To Me by 5SOS. I say it with all the love an...
  • zarry
  • shortstory
  • lietome
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fourteen hours by weirdodrey
fourteen hoursby drey
#1 in vapor (230519) #3 in unnamed // fourteen hours. eight hundred forty minutes. fifty thousand four hundred seconds. what could go wrong? - lowercase intended. - All...
  • love
  • poetry
  • emotions
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i know that you don't but if i ask you if you love me i hope you lie to me
  • chan
  • straykids
  • lie
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I Never Left You by nightwing2
I Never Left Youby Alfred F. Jones
King Arthur became the personification of England to protect his people. He had promised toto protect them but they believe that he left and will return someday. Little...
  • england
  • cal
  • lietome
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Calum Hood Imagines by thankgodfor5sos
Calum Hood Imaginesby ugh5sos
What happens if you have Calum Hood as your boyfriend? protective, clingy and jealousy are the words. ;)
  • calumhood
  • lietome
  • summer
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Lie to Me ◦ Lashton [ON HOLD] by animechey
Lie to Me ◦ Lashton [ON HOLD]by Chey
Their past is haunting them. They're not who they used to be. He's changed in more ways than one. He's struggling to understand. Lashton ◦ Mashton ◦ Muke Crossdressing!A...
  • trans
  • transition
  • lietome
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💔 by 915mos
  • heartbreak
  • lietome
  • misled
Lie To Me by Hanibonita
Lie To Meby IamCraziness
"I wanted us to fall in love but instead we fall apart" Prequel to Why Won't You Love Me?
  • wattys2019
  • lietome
  • toxic
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Lie to me  by dellatheunicorn
Lie to me by Literal Trash
You've fallen in love with your best friend Jungkook but when he doesn't return the feelings you start to fall for his best friend, Jimin. Trusting Jimin wouldn't be a m...
  • parkjimin
  • jeonjungkook
  • jungkook
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Будь, что будет или с днем рожденья, Кэл by littlestar018
Будь, что будет или с днем рождень Lea Grig
Не самый любимый день в году для Кэла Лайтмана это его день рожденье. И этим все сказано.
  • gillianfoster
  • timroth
  • kellywilliams
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Lies    (Lie to me Fanfic) by Hersheyspie172
Lies (Lie to me Fanfic)by Hersheyspie172
THIS STORY IS BASED OFF OF: the Tv Series Lie To Me on Fox. (But not the events in my book!!). If you have not heard of it go check it out NOW!! on Netflix!! ITS A REAL...
  • science
  • lietome
  • mystery
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Drowning by thiccbreadsticccc
Drowningby thiccbreadsticccc
Epilogue Veronica was a wreck when she lived in Melbourne. She wanted to forget about her worthless past and start fresh. She moved to Sydney, no ties or connections to...
  • mrsallamerican
  • youngblood
  • boyband
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afterwards. lrh. by offpeaklove
afterwards. n
he hopes she'll lie to him
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • fanfiction
  • shortstory
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