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Alex's pov.

"So where are we going?" I ask Mikolas as I am just walking beside him for the last 5 minutes.
"To a place." he says. And I look over to him with a 'are you kidding me' look.
"Well give me a hint." I tell him.
"Fine... Umm food." he says and I sigh again.
"What kind of food?" I ask as calmly as possible.
"Umm pancakes." he says.
"And you couldn't say that right away?" I ask and he laughes.

Well we ended up in a cute little café and got pancakes. I got chocolate caramel and ice cream pancakes, and Mikolas got american chocolate ones. And we ended up eating each others pancakes. Because Mikolas decided to take a banana from the top of mine, so I ended up taking one of his pancakes. And so it all began.

"Well that was fun." I say as we start walking back.
"Mmm yeah, that's one say to say it." Mikolas says and I giggle a bit.
"How about you come over and we can watch a movie or something." Mikolas asks me and I nod.
"Sure. That sounds good." I say.
And soon we come back to Mikolas' house.

We went up to the living room and decided to watch Spider-Man. Because I'm a massive nerd and it's rubbing off on Mikolas as well.
"You are slowly.but surely turning into a nerd. I'm proud." I tell him a d he gives me a 'seriously' look.
"Hahaha very funny. You know you have the whole couch, but you decided to be right next to me. I feel special." he says and I blush a bit. He. Is right though. I really did sit right next to him.
We watched the movie and I fell asleep on Mikolas' shoulder.

Mikolas' pov.

Well... Alex fell asleep on top of me. I really didn't want to wake her up so I tried not to move. But instead she moved. And now Alex is sleeping on my lap. Well this would look really weird if someone walked in right now.
I continued watching the movie, while Alex was sleeping and soon enough she woke up... And by soon enough I mean after about an hour.

"Mikolas?" she asked looking at me. Still on my lap.
"Yeah." I say and she smiles.
"Do you like anyone?" She asked and I was so confused.
"Why are you asking?" I ask and she shrugs.
"Just asking... For reasons." she says in a really suspicious way.
"Maybe, I'm not 100% sure." I say and she nods.

Alex's pov.

And in that moment I said "Fuck it." to myself and I just went for it. I sat up and looked right into his eyes.
And I just went for it. I kissed him. I kissed Mikolas and he kissed back. Inside I was fangirling/screaming/gringing like an idiot. And then our lips parted.

"I think... that I like you, but not in a friendly way..." Mikolas said and I smiled.

"I like you too."

It finally happened. It just had to, that's all I'm gonna say.
Love you all!

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