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Alex's pov.

It's been another week and I should be moving in five days. And I've kinda been on bad terms with my mom... By that I mean I haven't talked to her at all. Just going to school, coming home and going straight to my room.

But today it was different. I came home to leave my backpack and then I should go to Mikolas.

I entered the house as quiet as I possibly could, and I went upstairs to my room. But if course as I was opening the door again, my mom heared me.

"Alex, where are you going?" she asked coming out of the kitchen.
"Um I'm going out with Mikolas..." I say and she nods.
"Okay, but we need to talk first." mom says and I go into the kitchen with her.

"Alex...why haven't you talked to me in more than a week?" she asked with a small sigh.
"Because you don't care about me. I told you that I don't want to move and I'm actually really happy now." I say trying to stay calm, and not crying.
"But Alex, the world doesn't spin around you." she says and that's when I snap.

"God damn it mother! You are the biggest hypocrite on planet Earth right now." I tell her and with that I leave the house. There are still tears falling from my eyes.

Mikolas' pov.

I was standing outside of Alex's house, waiting for her. And sudenly I hear someone shouting. Alex comes out of the house with tears on her cheeks.

"Honey, what's wrong?" I ask her and with that I hug her very tightly.
"Can we just go somewhere?" Alex asks and I nod at it. She slowly pulls away and we walk together to a small park nearby.

We sit down onto a small bench under a small tree.
"Okay, well. I just got into an argument with my mom again. She just does not want to listen to me. And she doesn't even seem to care about me anymore." Alex says through tears falling from her eyes and down onto her rosy cheeks.

Alex's pov.

"Come here." Mikolas says and pulls me into a tight hug until I calmed down a bit. And I soon felt peaceful again.

"I think I have good news for you though." he says and I slightly nod.
"I talked to my parents about you the other day, and they would love you to come and live with me." he says and a small smile appears on my lips.
"But......" before I could finish Mikolas said:"Before you ask, they will talk with your mom.".

"I love you so damn much." I say and he giggles a bit.
Suddenly he kisses me very softly and I smile into the kiss.
"I love you more." Mikolas mumbles and I giggled a bit.

Ring ring...
Mikolas' phone ring and we both sigh in a irritated way.

Mikolas' pov.

My mom was calling me. Odd. She usually only calls me when she doesn't know where I am or if she or dad are going somewhere.

Hey mom, what's up?

Hello, honey. I have good news for you.

Really? What is it?

Well.... I talked to Alex's mom, and she said that Alex can stay with us.

Oh my god! Thank you!

Oh, it's nothing honey. Anyway have fun with Alex..., but not too much fun.

Ha ha ha, see you later.

She hangs up and Alex looks at me with a confused look. I just smile at her.

Alex's pov.

"I have something great to tell you!" Mikolas says with a huge grin on his face.
"What is it?" I asked with a confused look.
"YOU ARE MOVING IN WITH ME!"he says and gets up from the bench.

He just simply picked me up and spinning me around in the air.
"That's great! But I'm getting kind of dizzy from you spining me around." I say and he nods putting me back down onto the floor.

"Well, I guess we will be roommates from now on." Mikolas says and I laugh a bit.
"Yup, you'll be stuck with me." I say and we both laugh a bit.
"You still prefer me though?"
"I will always prefer you over everyone.".

I'm back and updates will come every day(hopefully).

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