✳winter times (pt. four)✳

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Alex's pov.

The sunset was beautiful, except something always goes wrong.
So it started raining.
"Alex, let's run away from them." Mikolas whispered to me so that Kris and Benjamin wouldn't hear. They were both still partially blushing.
"Sure let's go." I say and we slowly start walking away in the rain.

"I notice a minor mistake in your plan." I say as we slowly walk.
"Oh, and what is that?" Mikolas says cluelessly. I give him a 'really?' look.
"It's fricken raining!" I whisper-yell and he nods.

"Well we can solve that easily." he says and puts his hand on my wrist. He, once again, starts running.
"Why do we always run?" I ask with a small groan.
"Because, that's our thing now." he says with a small chuckle.

Eventually we came to a small coffee shop and we weren't as wet as you would think.
"And what now?" I ask as we sit down at a small white table.
"Do you want to drink anything?"Mikolas asked me and I slightly nodded.
"Sure. A latte with extra cream." I say and he nods getting up from the table.

After a couple of minutes he came back with two cups and handed me my latte.
"So Christmas is in three days..." he says out of nowhere.
"Yup, this is the first year that I'm not going to be with my mom for it." I tell him with a small smile.
"But at least I'll spend it with you." I say with a bigger smile and Mikolas chuckles.
"Yup, I'm quite excited for it. And New year's as well!" He says excitedly.
"Oh yes, we should do something with Benjamin and Kris for New year's." I add and we continue talking for a while.

Soon after the rain stopped and we went out of the coffee shop.
"Oh it's already 9pm." I look at my phone as I say that sentence.
"Really? Time does pass by quickly. We should probably return home." Mikolas says and I nod.

We weren't that far from the house so it didn't take a long time for us to come back.
"Where have you two been? It's quite late now." Mikolas' mom asked us as we entered the house.
"Well we were on a walk. It started raining. We went to a coffee shop and when it stopped raining we started going back." We both explain at the same time and she nods. After a small conversation we went to the bedroom and I pretty much fell asleep as my head hit the pillow. What a day it was.

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