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Alex's pov.

On days like these I just feel awkward. Not anything else. Just plain good old awkward.

I tried to get dressed, but I didn't feel like anything suited me. So I just went with blue skinny jeans and a black short sleeved oversized T-shirt. And my hair was obviously in a ponytail.
I went downstairs and there was my mom sitting in the kitchen and drinking her coffee.
"Good morning darling." she tells me as I take a note from an apple.
"Morning' mom." I say and after a short conversation with her about the other day and about the ice cream thing I went out. Weirdly Mikolas wasn't outside so I walked over to his house. And I knocked.
"Oh hi Alex, Mikolas is going to come down any second now." his dad opened the door.
"Oh okay." I say and then Mikolas finally comes down.

"Well hey there." Mikolas says and we start walkinh to the school.
"Hello." I say and smile a bit. Why am I always smiley around him?
"How you doing today?" he asks.
"Good, you?" I say and smile again.
"Same. Anyway it's Friday again." he says and I nod.
"Yup, thank Lord." I say and he looks over at me.
"Well, do you want to go out again?" he asks as we enter the school.
"Sounds good. What do you have in mind?" I say and we enter the classroom. And the first class is literature. I really like literature so that's great.
"Oh you'll see." he says with a smirk on his face.

Well now I'm even more confused.

Mikolas' pov.

I may have just confused Alex with that smirk. Maybe that was on purpose, just maybe...
Anyway the day was interesting to say at least. The classes were pretty regular, how ever I got Alex to be social and she made two friends.
"See you can be social." I tell her while exciting the school.
"Yes, I can. Sometimes." she says and I smile at her.

"I still prefer you though." she says and smirks at me, then looks down.

"Hmmm I feel flattered." U tell her. And it wasn't even sarcastic. I was flattered, and she didn't see it but I did blush a bit.
Well tomorrow sure is going to be interesting.

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