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Alex's pov.

There was a quite nice young boy standing there as he opened the door. Blonde hair and brownish green eyes. He did look cute. Hmm a cute Czech boy.

"Ah Mikolas, this is our new student Alexandria March." the headmaster, who's name I didn't mention but it was Mr. Ridle, says. I look over at Mikolas and give him a shy smile, He smiled back.
"So today you'll be showing the school to miss March, and that means that you both don't have any classes today." he adds and I nod.
"Oh and Alexandria, once again welcome you our school." he says before me and Mikolas exist the office.

"So you are Alexandria." Mikolas says and I nod.
"Yup, but you can just call me Alex." I say and he nods.
"Well can I see your schedule?" he asks.
"Yes. Here you go." I say as I hand him the paper.
"Seems like you'll be stuck with me for the rest of the year. We have the same classes." he says.
"That's nice I guess." I say and he looks at me and smiled a bit.
"Okay, well, let me show you around." Mikolas says and I nod.

He showed me where all the classrooms were and the cafeteria. The school was quite big, I used to go to a smaller school so this is sort of new for me.
"And that's it!" Mikolas says.
"The school is quite nice. Pretty big though." I say
"Well we still have 4 more hours left. So if you want to we can go outside and talk." he suggests.
"Hmm that sounds good." I say and we head back outside.

"So what do you do in life?" Mikolas asked.
"Well not a lot. I draw, sing, play instruments, I like learning new languages, photography and long walks with my phone and headphones." I answered and he seemed surprised.
"That's totally isn't a lot." he said in a sarcastic way and we both laughed.
"What about you?" I ask him.
"I like singing, I play guitar and I do a bit of modeling." he says.
"Ohh well mister casual, I can imagine you being a model." I say and he looks at me a bit confused.
"Not in a weird way, though." I add and he smiles.

"I like your eyes. They always sparkle." he says looking at my grey/green eyes. I slightly blushed, because I'm not used to getting compliments.
"T-thank you. You have a nice smile." I say back. Where did that come from Alex? I ask myself and mentally slap myself.
"Thank you." he says smiling more. He does have a gorgeous smile.

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