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(Don't mind the title, I just couldn't think of something else and I've been watching waayyy too many drama videos on YouTube😂. Moving on...)

Alex's pov.

Monday again, apparently it should be interesting again.
"Morning honey." My mom says as I walk downstairs.
"Hi mom." I tell her and sit down to wait for Mikolas.
"Oh, honey, I forgot to tell you. Apparently there is going to be a new kid at school today." she says and I nod.
"That should be interesting. I mean I probably won't talk to them, but it'll still be a change." I say and then there is a knock on the door.
"Hey love." is the first thing Mikolas says as I open the door.
"Hi." I say and just before I close the door to go to school...
"Oh aren't you two just adorable!" my dear mother says and takes a picture of us.
"No, Mrs. March I'll have to disagree with that. Alex is the adorable one here." Mikolas says and now I'm even more embarrassed.
"He really is great, honey. Stay with him." she says and I blush more if that is even possible.
"Yeah, yeah. Bye. Love you mom." I say and she just smiles before closing the door.

"Did you hear that there is supposed to be a new kid at school today?" Mikolas asked and I noded.
"Yup, it should be interesting..." I say and he giggles. Really adorable.
"Well I'll make you talk to them." he says and I playfully punch his arm.
"What if they'll be a really cute boy?" I ask knowing he'll probably get jealous.
"Well, no talking then. The weather is nice today, isn't it?" he says obviously trying to change the topic.
"Awww someone is jealous, aren't they? Don't worry I prefer you over everyone." I tell him and kiss him on his cheek.
"I know..." he says and we finally came to school.

"Yay we have art first and second!" I say in an excited tone. What can I say I do love painting.
"Someone sure is excited." Mikolas says as we sit down in the classroom and soon enough the teacher comes in.

"Good morning class. We have a new student joining us today. Everyone please welcome Benjamin Ingrosso to the class." the teacher says and a quite good looking boy came into the classroom.
"I guess you were right." Mikolas says to me and I giggle a bit.
"I'm always right, aren't I?" I say and he nods and laughs a bit.

Benjamin sat in front of me and Mikolas and the teacher starts talking again.
"Today you can paint or draw whatever you want. Anything, let your mind run wild. And yes, you can talk to eachother while doing it. I'll just be reading a book or something" he says. He is geniounly my favorite teacher, he just seems not to care about what we do as long as we end up drawing something.
"What are you gonna draw?" Mikolas sudenly asks.
"I think I'll draw a woman or something. You?".
"Flowers. Just a bunch of flowers scattered around." I smile at that. I don't know why, but he always seemed to like flowers.

"Hey." Mikolas says and pokes Benjamin with a paintbrush.
"Hey...?" Benjamin says in a confused manner.
"I'm Mikolas and this is Alex." he says and I give him a small wave.
"Well it's nice to meet you two. Are you a couple or something?" Benjamin says and we both smile and nod.
"Yup, I prefer him over most people." I chime into the conversation.
"Hmmm I ship you two." Benjamin says and Mikolas just blushed at it.

We talked to Benjamin for the whole day. He was a really cool as interesting person. And if course Mikolas introduced him to Kris. Well I guess that my friend group is pretty much just boys right now. And I don't mind it. I always used to hang out with boys more, because most girls are way to bitchy. Anyway next week is the school trip and I can't wait. I do like historical things and old things. I'm just weird, yeah that's it.
After thinking for a while I finally fell asleep.

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