✳the awkward duo✳

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*one milion years later*
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Alex's pov.

There were a couple of days left until the new year.
"Kristiaannn." I repeat in the same voice as him. Kris shoots me a glare, but I just smile at him.
"What are you and Miki doing for New year's?" Kris askes as we continue walking along the street. It you are wondering? We were just shopping around, because Kris felt like spoiling himself and I didn't mind to go along when he asked.

"I don't know yet, what about you and Be-" I didn't even get a chance to finish my sentence and Kris cut me off.
"Nothing, I mean we didn't make any plans and I haven't talked to him in s while though..."he trails off and I hit him slightly.
"Why are you so awkward around him dude?" I ask trying to be as stern as possible.
"You are always the one that is mature in this friend group of ours. Why aren't you trying to be mature now? Just flipping tell him that you love him!" I started getting more mad at him at the end. But Kris just blushes at everything and he seems to be speechless.

"I-I d-don't love hi-him." Kris barely gets that sentence out and I sigh.
"You know what? You are going home with me. You, Miki and I are going to have a conversation about New year's eve and about you and Benj-" he cuts me off once again.
"Yeah, yeah okay. Lets just go." He groans at the end and I continue trying to get some sense into him as we walk to the house, but he just didn't want to listen to me. Geez that boy, stubborn as hell..

Mikolas' pov.
(around the same time Kris and Alex are shopping)
Since Alex was out with Kris and I didn't have anything to do I decided to call Benjamin over and just hang out with him. So I call him, because he just never anwsers texts fast enough.
"What's up?"

"Hey, I was thinking you could come over and we could hang out or something."

"Yeah, sounds good. I'll be right there."

After hanging up I looked around the house and it was overall clean so I just sat on the couch and scrolled through instagram and twitter.

Soon enough the doorbell rang and Benjamin was standing there in his usual energetic appearance.

"So how's life threating you?" I ask as we sit down onto the couch in the living room.
"It's stable for now,"he chuckles a bit and then continues"what are you and Alex doing for New year's?"
"Oh we didn't plan anything yet, what about you though? Are you going to do something with Kris maybe?" I ask in s kind of hopeful tone.
"Oh..we umm haven't talked for a while..."he said and sort of trails off.
"How come?"
"I don't know, it's just been odd after the day I kissed him. I like him a lot but I have a feeling that he doesn't feel the same way." his voice became sad at the end, not like his usual self.

"Are you stupid?!? He's obviously head over heels for you!" I tell him but he shrugs it off.
"I don't think so... But what would change it he did."
"Tell him."
"How? When?"
"You know what? On New year's eve, Alex and me will fix everything between the two of you" I assure him and he smiles finally.
"Thanks dude!" He cheers and at that moment we hear Alex enter the house, but someone else is with her.

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