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Mikolas' pov.

Can we just say the next few days I kind of tried to find a way to ask Alex to make it official. Turns out it's more difficult than I thought.

I want to make it special, but at the same time not like I'm asking her to marry me. And now it's already Friday again.
"Mikolas." Sudenly I'm pulled out of my thoughts by Alex waving a hand in front of my face.
"Uh w-what?" I say.
"You aren't listening to me." she says and I look at her confused.
"What did you say?" I ask and she gives me a small smile.
"Do you want to go on a walk or something After school?" she asks and I nod.
"Sure. Sounds great." And with that the teacher comes in and another day at school starts.

Alex's pov.

Mikolas seemed to be in his own world for the whole day. And now I'm waiting by his locker for him to arrive. He was talking to Kris again and he seemed.... nervous?
"Oh hey Alex!" Kris says and I smile at them.
"Hey boys." I say and Kris hits Mikolas a bit.
"Oh he-hello." he studered again, well that's new. He never studered.
"Well are you ready to go?" I ask and he nods.
"I'll leave you two alone, good luck buddy." Kris says before leaving me and Mikolas alone. Why would he need luck? Something really is off today...
"Shall we?" I ask.
"Yes." he says and we start walking around the city.

"Alex I have a question." Mikas said as we were sitting on a bench and watching the sunset.
"What is it?" I ask and give him a reasuring smile as he seemed nervous again.
"Well you know I was wondering... If you would maybe want to be my girlfriend?" he asked and took a deep breath.
"Ummmmmmm...yeah, but only because I prefer you." I say and smile at him.
"Yay!" he says and pulls me into a tight hug.
"You didn't really think I would say no?" I ask and he looks down.
"Maybe..." he says and I giggle a bit.
"Awww you are really damn adorable!" I say and he laughs again.

We pretty much watched the sunset and talked. Who would have thought that I would be here. I mean I never actually believed that I would actually be as to be with someone who I actually care about. Right now I love my life.

Hello, my people! I haven't updated in a while so here's a quick chapter! Hope you all like it!
Love you all!

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