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Mikolas' pov.

Alex has been acting strange again. And I don't know why, her anxiety hasn't shown and she seemed happy. But now she is constantly avoiding everyone. I tried to talk to her soo many times and Benjamin did as well, but she just keeps walking away.

Kris did talk to her and the only thing Alex told him was "I don't want you all to be sad when you find out.". What is that suposed to mean. She knows that I'm always there for her and that I understand.

And just as Alex is about to leave the school I stop her by gently grabbing her arm.
"What is it?" she says trying not to make eye contact with me.
"Alex. Please talk to me." I say still holding her arm.
"I'm talking to you right now." Alex says trying to change the topic.

"No. You haven't been talking to anyone for the past week. Except when you told Kris that you didn't want us to be sad." I say and she just shrugs and starts walking.
"Come on, I have to do a lot of explaining." she says and I walk next to her.

Alex's pov.

I have a lot of explaining to do actually...
"Well last Saturday I found out something kind of devastating." I say and Mikolas gave me a concerned look.
And so all the memories from last Saturday came back.

I just came back home from walking around the city. I just wanted to get some fresh air. And my mom calls me to come to the kitchen.

"Alex, we need to talk." my mom says as I sit down. Oh not, something is wrong.
"Is something wrong?" I ask in a concerned tone.
"Yes, something is wrong. We will have to move to another city."
"Again?" I ask.
"Yes, again." she says and I feel my throat tighten.
"No, mom. I'm actually happy being here." I say and she nods in a way to tell me that she knows.

"I know, dear. But there is just no way we can stay here. I got promoted at work again." she explains but I just can't listen to it. Not again. This is the fifth time in three damn years.

"I don't care mom. I just want to stay here and be happy. I finally found someone that I can talk to and feel like myself around them." I say in a kind of angry tone.
"Alex! I know and there is no way you can change my opinion! We are leaving in three weeks! If you like it or no!" my mom starts yelling at me and I just get up and go to my room with a couple of years falling from my eyes.

I closed the door and layed my back on it, slowly sliding down. And I just let the tears fall down from my eyes.

(end of flashback)

"And that's why I was avoiding you and the guys. I just don't want you all to be sad because of me." I say. Mikolas had an expression that I couldn't quite read on his face.

"How couldn't I be sad about it? I love you. I have to find a way for you to stay." he says with determination in his voice.
(Don't any of you dare mention Undertale. Just kidding, do whatever you want.)
"But Mikolas, there is absolutely no way for me to stay." I say and he just sudenly hugs me.
"Yes there is. What if you live with me? My parents love you after all." he says and a small smile creeps onto my face.

"That's a good idea. But for now I have to go. Maybe you could come over tomorrow. If you want to watch movies." I suggest and he just giggles a bit.
"So you mean: cuddling for three hours, and then we both fall asleep?" he says and I nod.
"Exactly. And that's why I love you." I say and he smiles even more.

Just how does every had day/week end happy because of Mikolas? I guess he really is my lucky star in a weird way. Or my lucky charm. Anyway he is the luck in my life. I'm very cheesy, wow.

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