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You had an interview kind of thing where you were answering questions that were most asked about you on the internet. Bare in mind that you got married to the love of your life, David, a few weeks ago and the video of your guy's wedding was up for only a week.

"Hey guys I'm y/n and today I'm gonna be answering some of the questions about me that you guys googled. So let's Get started." You smiled at the camera.

You took the first card and started answering the questions. "Does Y/n have a boyfriend? Not anymore." You giggled.

You took off the next piece of tape. "Does y/n have any pets? Yes I have a few; I have a dog, a cat, a bunny and a David." You laughed.

A few questions went by and then you got to the "is y/n" kind of questions.

"Is y/n single? No, I'm very far away from single." You giggled.

You took off the next piece of tape. "Is y/n married? Yes I got married nearly a month ago." and with those words the people behind the cameras were shocked. "what's wrong?" You asked them confused.

"You got finally married?" The girl that was passing you the cards asked.

"Yes do you not keep up with what me and the vlog squad are up to?" You asked shocked.

"We have recently had a busy schedule." The camera guy replied awkwardly but all of you ended up laughing anyway.

"You've had a busy schedule for a month?!" You said loudly because you were laughing so hard.

"shit happens." The camera guy laughed back.

"I'm also pregnant. And my last video was about that." And with those words the room went silent. "I was kidding." You laughed.

"Babe are you here?" You heard as David walked into the studio. Suddenly all the cameras turned on. "Come let's go say 'bye bye' to everyone here and let's go." He gently said as he grabbed your arm and started leading you out of the studio.

"No Dobrik, I need to finish this/end this." You laughed as you went back to the chair.

And so you continued with the video and finally finished it.

Then had a fun evening with the Vlog Squad.


I hope you enjoyed this random little imagine please comment if you have any suggestions for future imagines because that would help me a lot with updating this book quicker😂 But yeah thank you for reading!!!

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