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Part 2

"Hello? Yes it is Kendall. Aw that's cute. Thank you. Goodbye." Kendall said when she received the phone call from the hospital about the gender of yours and David's baby.

She was doing the gender reveal and you guys told the hospital to call Ken with the gender. She had the whole party planned out and you and David told everyone to wear the colour clothes of what gender they think it is.

"And now to decorating the garden and loading the paintball guns." She said to the camera that she had on for the phone call and then turned it off to prepare everything. 

She put up blue and Pink banners across the fences and bought a pink and blue cake with the colour of the gender Inside the cake for a surprise Easter egg for the guests.

Jason and Todd soon came over as the targets. Kendall passed them Boxers one pair was pink the other blue. "You guys will be the targets that y/n and David will shoot to reveal the gender. And now to be more stereotypical, one of you will wear blue and David will shoot you while the other wearing pink will be shot by y/n." Kendall explained to them.

"I want to wear pink." Jason and Todd said in unison which made Kendall laugh.

"Play rock, paper scissors. Whoever wins the best out of 3 will wear pink." Kendall said. 

And so Jason and Todd started playing rock paper scissors. The first round was one by Jason. Then the second by Todd.  And then it was time for the decider. "Rock. Paper. Scissors." Jason and Todd said in unison. And Jason had paper while Todd had scissors.

"NOOOO!" Jason screamed when Todd passed him the blue boxers with a grin. And so Jason and Todd went off to change.

Kendall added some finishing touches such as blue and pink ribbons and some more blue and pink additions. And finally she loaded the paintball guns.

Soon you and David came over.  Your bump was relatively big but not that big yet it was noticeable that you were pregnant.

"Hey Ken." You said as you hugged Kendall.

"Hey." David smiled. 

"Hey guys. So everything is ready for the reveal." Kendall said with a smile. "Also u/n, you're killing it. Kylie and Catherine are nothing compared to you." She added when she looked at your pink outfit while David was wearing a blue one.

People started arriving and you noticed how most people were wearing blue.  You guys were all enjoying yourselves and doing a montage for both yours and David's vlog.

Finally it was time for the official reveal. Todd and Jason came out in their boxers and Kendall passed you and David the paintball guns.

"Finally I have been waiting for a long time to shoot someone with a paintball gun." You said as you grabbed the gun. Todd looked over at Kendall horrified. 

"So, y/n is shooting Todd and David is shooting Jason. Since we're going stereotypical." Kendall smiled.

"Alright so." Kendall started. "On one!"

You and David aimed the paintball guns at your targets.

"Three.........Two...........ONE!" Everyone counted down and you and David held the triggers and shot Jason and Todd with every little ball that was in both of your guns. When the balls blew up on Jason's and Todd's back the colour revealed to be pink.

Everyone started cheering and you hugged David tightly. "It's a girl." You said to him.

"It is." He smiled and kissed you.  "We're gonna have a Queen and a princess in the next 6 or so months." He smiled and kissed you again.

"Hey guys!" Kendall shouted trying to get everyone's attention. She cut the cake open to reveal the colour pink inside it.

"That is so cute!!" You shouted. "We're gonna have a daughter." You said and sat down on the floor realizing that in just a couple of months you'll be a mother.

"Yes we are and I couldn't have been happier." David said with a Smile. "It's still a shock to you right?" But you only nodded in response.

The whole gender reveal party was very enjoyable and everyone had a lot of fun and was excited as to what was to come in the next 6 months. 


So this chapter was left as a suggestion by @  . There will be a part 3 up soon where it will reveal the name of the Baby and it will be the last part of this mini series.

Also what I wanted to do is feature maybe one or two or more of you guys in this story so it's pretty much to not go around googling "girl names" or "boy names". All you have to do is comment your name and Star this chapter and thats it.

Last but not least: happy birthday to me I'm finally 16 so now I can legally post smuts😂

Anyway thank you so much for reading this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it and will stick around for more chapters. 


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