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*Narrators POV*

It was the second live show that you guys were having. It was also in your home city so all your family members were watching. Scotty was currently performing My Life Sucks and you were sitting around and just enjoying everything. David has recently been so strange to you and you don't understand why. He's been so secretive that you have been very worried about him. This evening he has been hiding away from you so much, you noticed your best friend Zane talk with your boyfriend about something and when he finished he noticed you and simply smiled at you and then left.

"David What is wrong with you?" You said in a stern voice.

"I can't talk right now I have to go to the stage now." He said and pushed next to you.

"But-" you started but he cut you off.

"No buts y/n I have to go." He said louder and left.

You noticed Jason was walking in your direction, but not literally, you decided to stop him and ask him what was wrong with David.

*Your POV*

"Hey Jason, what's wrong with David? I feel like he hates me and he's about to breakup with me or something like that." I said to him when I grabbed him by his arm to stop him.

"I don't know. I'm also so worried about him, I asked him what was wrong with him and he didn't tell me. He just ignored me." He replied to me.

"Ugh he's so strange." I said.

"Y/n can you come here for a bit." I heard Zane shout from the other side of the hallway.

"What's up?" I said when I got there.

"Well we need you to put this over your eyes." He said as he passed me a blind fold.

"Oh no no no no no I'm not doing it. I don't want to find out that a t-Rex still exists and can fit on a stage." I said whilst backing away and dropping the blind fold on the floor.

"Don't worry it's not a t-Rex." Zane laughed.

"Well I don't wanna be surprised with a poisonous scorpion either." I said and Zane just burst out laughing.

"It's not a poisonous scorpion." He laughed.

"So it is a Scorpion?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Dude just put the blind fold on and get on the stage." He said and picked the blind fold up.

"Ugh I'm saying no and I'm still getting ready." I said and put the blind fold on so Zane led me to the stage, where I heard David talking with Jason as to where I was.

"Here She is." Zane said and placed me in the middle of the stage.

"Babe, I'm gonna need you to lay down." Dave said.

"Of course." I said with a fed up voice which made everyone laugh.

"What do you think it is?" He asked when I was laying down.

"A scorpion." I simply answered.

So he responded with. "Exactly." Which freaked me out.

"I knew you. Fuck you David Dobrik." I said and everyone laughed.

"But you still love me don't you?" He giggled.

"I don't know if I will after this. You told me you wouldn't do this to me, yet here we are." I said pretty loudly. I then felt something very small being put on my chest, then heard the whole crowd scream as if their skin was getting ripped off or something. "Is that a baby scorpion?" I asked.

"What do you have with Scorpions today? Should I get you one as a pet or something?" David laughed while being fed up from the amount of scorpions being said. "Y/n, take your blind fold off." Dave said.

The crowd was silenced and now I was getting nervous. "No I don't want to." I replied. "I feel very safe with not knowing what it is. Also why is it not moving?" I asked since I thought it was like dead because it wasn't moving. I then felt it move which freaked me out. "DAVID WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?" I screamed and everyone around me was laughing hysterically. "Wait I forgot my family is in the crowd with their kids. Mom, Dad and everyone that came, I'm sorry for the bad language but you can see what kind of shit we get put through." I laughed.

David finally took my blind fold off. "Ok look up." He said nervously.

"I'm not looking up." I said while everyone around me was still laughing. Am I this funny these days? David was shaking, so I'm very scared what's on me.

"Look up come on we don't have a whole day for this." He simply said so I looked up and saw a little box. When it finally got to me I freaked out.

"Wait what?" I shouted as I jumped off the ground.

David picked up the little box and got on one knee. "Y/n, when I first met you, I don't know what happened but you took my breath away with my heart. I fell in love with you the second I saw you and I knew you were the girl that I wanted to spend the rest of my days with. You were more than just a best friend for me, you were more than just a simple 'ride or die', your were my everything, you were my world and still are. The day we met at VidCon I knew you were gonna be my girlfriend or at least a friend." He started to tear up and so did I. "When I didn't get your number during VidCon,(Or at least thought I didn't) I was devastated and couldn't get myself together for at least a few days but when I checked my pockets I found it and I was the happiest man alive. So all I wanted to ask you today is... {Your name, Middle name(if you have one) and Surname} will you marry me?"

I was speechless. I wanted to say yes but I couldn't get a word out, so I just nodded simply and then said "yes of course." after that so David pulled me into a tight hug.

"I love you so much." He said through his tears.

"I love you too babe. Is that why you were so weird these past few days?" I asked and he nodded. "Aw baby." I then kissed him and everyone in the crowd was going wild.

So yeah I hope you like this chapter I was trying to make it cute and I think I did it Haha. Anyway the next part of 'Julian' is currently being worked on so stay tuned for that. It might actually be uploaded today if I get a move on😂

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