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David finally put his phone down and noticed the time was 2am he really did just spend 3 or 4 hours watching your videos.

It was his daily routine at this point. He's been watching you since the very beginning and wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon.

He lived in Chicago and didn't have any way of transport or ways to see you. You did do a few tours in Chicago but he didn't have the money to buy a ticket to your show.

David was going through Twitter and noticed a post saying "Y/n is moving away from the US"  He was surprised and confused so he clicked on the post to read more about the situation. 

Youtuber y/n has revealed in her recent interview that she is planning on moving out of the United States to live in England.

She states that "The us has become toxic lately  and I strongly dislike being around so many toxic people. I've been here my whole life and I believe it's time for a change. Yes I will miss my real friends more than anything but it's for the best."

Y/n has been going through a lot of mental issues recently and has has come to the conclusion to move away from the States for the time being.

Good news to all the European an English fans, Y/L/N has hinted a tour in Europe when she settles in.

"I'm planning on something big when I move but nothing is confirmed yet"

David click off the post and stared at his phone with no emotions whatsoever.  He couldn't believe what he just read. "She's really leaving". He thought and then received a notification from Instagram that you posted to your story. With a heavy heart he pressed the notification to see what happened. Maybe you'll brighten his mood up like you usually do.

He saw your cute and happy face pop up on the screen the story quickly loaded which meant that he could listen to what you wanted to say.

"Hey guys so as you may or may not have seen, yes I am moving away from LA and the Us in general. It is 100% not a permanent decision as I will visit pretty often as everyone I know and love lives here. And who knows maybe I'll do a World tour soon." your words hurt David but he understood your decision. 

When David woke up, he got a text message from his friend, Dima, to go to the park they usually hangout in. He said they have a little surprise to brighten up his mood because of what has happened. 

He put his phone in his pocket and jumped into his corolla.

Finally he got there and noticed a large group of people but honestly he did not care anymore. He finally caught glimpse of his group of friends and ran up towards them.

"what's up mother fuckers." He said hugging each of them. "so what's the surprise?" He asked them.

"Wait a moment." Alex said.

The group finally cleared up after a few minutes and he noticed someone standing in the middle of the group. When she turned around it turned out to be you.

David stood there motionless in shock. "surprise!" His friends said.

David still couldn't move or speak. "Hey there. David Dobrik right?" You said with a little giggle. But all David could do was nod in response.  You walked up to David and gave him a hug. "Your friends kept tweeting me to come and surprise you since you couldn't afford any tickets" You said when you pulled away.

"I still don't know what to say. It all feels so surreal." David finally said. "I love your videos so much. I have been watching you since the very beginning." He said and grabbed you into another hug.

He didn't care that you were moving away anymore at least he met you and that was all that mattered to him.


Soooo I hope this chapter was a little relatable I really wanted to write this chapter because idk I just don't want to post once a year so yeah. Also thanks for 140k views!!! And thank you for 100 followers !!!!!!

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