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David has been dating a girl called lotus for over 4 months now. And you as his best friend, have really disliked her ever since he introduced you to her. It's just something about her that you really don't like, she has changed David ever since they started dating. You're not the only one that doesn't like her, your best friend Natalie(David's assistant) also dislikes her a lot. The three of you live in the same house(the clickbait mansion) so you see Lotus nearly every day.

One day, Jason invited you over to his house for a lie detector test. Everyone, apart from lotus, was there. It was really funny until it was your turn to sit in the chair. You were so worried as to what questions they'll ask you.

"Is your name Y/n?" Jason asked.

"Yes." You replied.

"True." The lie detector guy said.

"Do you drive a white Mercedes?" Jason asked.

"Yes." You replied again.

"True." The lie detector guy said again.

After a few more questions the random questions started.

"Do you think I'm attractive?" David asked with a chuckle.

You giggled and replied. "Yes."

"True." The lie detector guy replied.

Everyone around you was screaming and laughing.

"Do you think Zane is funny?" Jonah asked you.

"Yes." You replied.

"True." The lie detector guy replied.

"Aw thank you baby girl." Zane giggled and gave you a hug. (You and Zane aren't dating he just likes to call you that.)

There were a few more questions asked but then Jason asked the question that you dreaded.

"Do you hope David and lotus breakup?" Jason asked you.

This made you nervous. What will David say? The truth is about to be out. "No." You replied.

Everyone looked at the lie detector guy who was checking the results on his computer. The room was silent and then he said. "That's a lie."

The room was still silent in shock. You unplugged yourself from everything and stood up. David stood up as well.

"I see what's going on here. You would want me to breakup with Lotus so that you'll have me for yourself." He said angrily.

"No it's not true. Lotus changed you in the worst way ever possible. I want you to be yourself not some hardcore guy that's trying to impress his whore girlfriend." I replied to him nearly shouting. Everyone around us was recording the argument at this point.

"You were supposed to be my best friend and this is what you do? Great y/n absolutely fantastic." He was shouting.

"You're saying that I'm a terrible best friend? Then who was talking shit behind my back when he was with his girlfriend, while I was hanging out with Dom?" I shouted.

"Oh really? You think I'd do that? Well compared to you I want you to be happy." He shouted.

"I want you to be happy too Dobrik. That's why I don't want her near you. You're too blind to notice she is using you." You shouted.

"I am too blind? You are blind and can't see that I'm happy!" He shouted back at you.

"I cant be asked for this bull shit. Guys I'm gonna go now hopefully I'll see you later. Bye." You said, took your things and left.

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