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You were sitting at your desk and you were studying for finals. As if by magic, your seat was placed behind your idiot of a friend, David Dobrik. You were trying your best to study since you wanted to go to university, but he kept annoying you.

"Hey y/n, remember when-" and that was when you reached your patience limit.

"David Dobrik, shut the fuck up and let me study for fucks sake." You didn't realise the teacher heard it and told David to leave the classroom. "Sorry for swearing sir." You said to the teacher as you turned bright red.

"Don't worry about it." He replied with a smile.

You quickly texted David.

You: Sorry for blowing up and getting you in trouble...

David: Dont worry about it I'm just an annoying son of a bitch I know.

You: are you being sarcastic and annoyed at me?

David: i don't know.

Thanks for making sense, Dobrik. You rolled your eyes and continued studying the material.

David then came back and was completely silent, so you just used that time to do what you needed.

When lesson ended you left the class and found: Alex, Ilya, Dima and Natalie all outside waiting for you and David.

"Hey guys." You said as you left the classroom.

"Hey y/n. Where's David?" Ilya asked as David left the classroom. "Oh never mind then." He giggled.

David glared at you and continued walking.

"What's wrong with him?" Natalie asked.

"I shouted at him in the classroom because I wanted to study and he got sent out." I explained.

"Pussy." Alex laughed and then everyone else joined.

"Who are you calling a pussy, Alex?" David asked in a stern voice.

"Your ass." Alex answered without any second thoughts.

"At least you're straight forward." David face palmed.

"That's a plus." Dima said.

"At least he's not a friend that lies." Natalie added.

"Speaking of which, y/n were you able to focus in the end?" David asked as he looked in your direction.

"Are you trying to say I lie to you?" You asked him and then added. "Yes I was able to focus very well in the end by the way."

"Honestly, I don't know why I said that." He giggled and gave you a hug.

"Does that mean we're good?" You giggled.

"Yeah why not." David laughed and so did everyone else.


Alright so this was a super random chapter that I just thought of but I hope you enjoyed it. Byeeee

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