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⚠️DISCLAIMER: the chapter you're about to read contains a smut because I didn't know what else to write!!!⚠️

You were laying on David's lap while he was playing with your hair. "Babe I'm bored." You said as you looked up into his dark brown eyes.

"Of me?" He randomly replied.

"Yes." You jokingly replied almost overlapping his question.

"oh really?" David smiled while lightly tilting your head up.

You smiled back at him and picked yourself up into a sitting position.

"Yes really." You smirked while looking into David's eyes then looking at his lips and then looking back at his eyes on repeat.

"I'll make you want me then." He said and pulled you towards him. His lips were brushing against yours but not touching.

You licked your lips while staring deeply into his eyes.

"I'll make you want me." He repeated.

"We'll see." You smirked.

He tried to kiss you but you moved away.

"Oh so this is what you'll do now hm?" He asked you simply nodded. He tried to kiss you again and you moved away.

"y/n?" David said and raised his eyebrow. You just gave him a mischievous smile.

Without warning, David grabbed your waist and placed you on his lap. He then cupped your face so you could not move it away.

"Who's laughing now?" He grinned before pulling your face towards his and crashing together your lips.

The connection truly made you realise how much you needed him. You tightly wrapped your arms around his neck deepening the kiss. He delicately let go of your face and moved his hands down to your waist and pulled your body closer. The make out became so intense that you started to take David's shirt off then his pants. When you removed his pants, you could feel the bulge under his boxers.

He slowly started taking off your shirt and pants; then threw both pieces of clothing on the floor.

He pulled you into a laying position on the couch and started sucking on your sweet spot on your neck. You let out a quiet moan and he pulled away. He took off his boxers, your bra and panties and opened a silver wrapper then slipped the rubber that was in it, onto him.

He hovered by your entrance before going in. As you felt him go in you let out a moan. He then went out and then went back in. Every time he repeated the action you let out a moan.

"Fuck y/n you're so tight." David said.

"Just go faster." You said to him. And he obeyed your command and started pounding in Faster. This time the two of you were moaning pretty loudly.

"Shit." You moaned quietly which was followed my a moan from David.

"Fuck I'm close." David said.

"me too. " You replied shortly after. And then the two of you came.

David dropped on the couch next to you and slipped off the rubber that was on him.

"that was great." You said breathing heavily.

"I love you." He said and kissed you. "You're my most favorite girl I've ever met." He said as he stared deep into your eyes.


Soooo I took ages writing this chapter and then realised how close I am getting to 100k and decided to speed my pace up and ended up writing a smut which I wasn't intending on in the first place but it sped up the writing of the chapter. But I hope you did enjoy reading it.

But thank you so so soooo fucking much for 100k!!!!! You don't even realise how thankful I am. Like I never even thought that I would get this many views. I never even suspected many people to read this story. But the fact that it's been only 6 months since I created this story is insane.  100k... Woah thank you. Thank you thank you thank you

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