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David wasn't home for a few day's now because, he was in Chicago since something happened and he didn't really tell you what it was. You were mostly home alone with Arizona who was only a month, nearly two. Your friends would come over to your house to see how everything was Going, since David pretty much told them to.

You were sitting on the couch next to Ari's crib, texting David.

You: Dobrik, what is going on? You're not answering any of my calls.

David: You do realise we have the same surname y/n?

You: I don't care. What's so important that you can't answer calls from your wife?

David: Come on you do realise something happened to my dad?

You: Yes I do, but you also do realise that you have a daughter that's a month old?

David: Yes I do and I wish I was there with you but you see what's happening.

You: Yes I do but it doesn't change the fact that you left us.

You couldn't believe he left you on read. You suddenly heard Arizona start crying.

"Aw baby. It's alright I'm here." You said as you took her out of her crib. "I'm here in comparison to your daddy." You added.

You then decided to go for a walk with Ari since there was nothing else you could do and the two of you needed fresh air anyway.

So you dressed your baby in something and yourself, it was summer so you put on an oversized t-shirt since your bump was still slowly going  away and you dressed Arizona in a cute little baby outfit.

When you two were all set and done, you finally left the house

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When you two were all set and done, you finally left the house.

You took Ari on a stroll around the park that you live next to. You suddenly saw a bird fly above you.

"Hey birdy, if you shit on me... I'm gonna let you live cuz I don't have it in my genes to kill you." You laughed to yourself.

When your daughter saw you laugh a small smile appeared on her tiny lips.

"You're adorable Ari." You smiled.

The weather started to get colder after a few minutes, so you decided it was time to go back home.

Once you've reached home you shouted. "Babe I'm home." And no reply. "And I don't need to say that out loud because Davids in Chicago." And your daughter giggled.

When the two of you were both in indoor home clothes, you sat down on the couch and watched Netflix since your daughter fell asleep.

Suddenly you heard footsteps in your house. You thought you were just imagining it so you just paused the video you were watching.

"Who's here?" You said as you put Ari back to her little bed that was next to the couch.

There was silence but then you heard footsteps coming from your kitchen.

"If that's one of you dogs then... I'll be happy cuz that means we're safe." You said. And when you walked into the kitchen you saw your dogs eating. "Ok so we're good then." You breathed in relief.

Suddenly someone jumped at you from behind and shouted in a low voice. "Y/n!" You screamed which caused your daughter to wake up.

"Fuck." You said.

"Hi babe." You heard in a higher voice and when you turned around it was David.

"David why are you here?" You asked him as you pulled him into a hug.

"Everything was alright so I was good to go." He smiled.

You then went over to Arizona to calm her down because she just started crying.

"Baby look who it is." You said to Ari as you showed her David. "It's daddy." You then added with a smile.

"Hi baby girl." He said as he took her out of your hands to cuddle. "Aw you're the cutest little baby girl I have ever seen in my life. I love you so much." He said as he delicately kissed her cheek. "I'm so happy I get to experience life with you y/n." He smiled as he placed a peck on your lips.

"I love you David Dobrik." You said to him when you two sat on the couch.

"I love you too. Y/n Dobrik." He smiled Arizona still in his arms this time she was asleep.


Guys I hope you enjoyed this chapter!! In case you couldn't tell I love the name Arizona(even though it's also a name of a state)😂. But yeah another chapter is in the works since 2018. Speaking of 2018 happy new year everyone!!!!!🥳🥳

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