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⚠️DISCLAIMER: This story contains a smut since I'm in a mood for a smut. Goddamn I really do need some dick... Wait what? Anyway... Uuh- enjoy⚠️

You were sitting on the couch flicking through youtube videos but not finding anything interesting. 

"Dobrik! I'm bored!" You shouted to David who was editing his vlog.

"Hi bored I'm David." David replied.

"Are you nearly done?" You said as you turned to a laying position on the couch.

"I have a minute and 20 seconds left to add from the content I recorded give Me a moment y/n." He said so you rolled your eyes and pulled your phone out to look for more videos. You ran into a Josh Cook video and decided to watch it. "Who's that?" David asked not removing his eyes from the screen.

"Josh Cook." You answered and clicked onto the next video after that one finished.

"Alright then." He answered and finished off editing. You knew he was done when you heard one of his outro songs start playing."And done." he said as he closed his laptop. "So you're saying you're bored?" David asked as he slowly started walking towards the couch.

"Yup." You said as you turned your phone off and put it down. "Do something." You complained and he walked over to the couch.

"Like what?" You noticed his lips curve into a smirk.

"Like a magic spell." You said and David sat on the couch next to you.

"With a magic wand?" He smirked as you sat up.

"Yes Wizard." You said and grabbed his face and kissed him roughly.

Your tongues were fighting for dominance. "Just wait." He smirked and pulled you onto him and stood up to take you to the bedroom.

He placed you on the bed and pulled you closer towards him. He pulled off your pants and panties so you were left in only your shirt and and bra. He lightly pulled your legs apart as if you were made out of a very delicate material. (and was acting as if he wasn't about to destroy you in a few minutes so that you wouldn't be able to walk for days)

David started placing delicate kisses along your thighs and sucking on them every now and then.

He then stuck two fingers Into you making you arch your back from the contact. He was pumping his fingers in and out and then started to hit your g spot making you moan harder.

"shit." You cursed as he sped up. "I'm close already." You moaned as you felt the familiar knot in your stomach.

When David heard that he stopped and pulled his fingers out. You groaned but realised what David was doing was simply replacing his fingers with his tongue. You felt him swivel around in you making you moan louder and louder.

"fuck David I'm so close." You said as your thighs tightened around him.

"Then come for me." He said and with that you came over him. He licked the cum off of you. "You taste amazing babe." He said and then kissed your lips.

You took yours and his shirt off with his pants. You then proceeded to remove your bra and his boxers his hard on hitting his stomach making him hiss.

You got on your knees before him taking all of him into your mouth. You then started taking him in and out. He then grabbed your head and started to move it up and down on him. He starting to reach his climax.

"Fuck y/n." He moaned. "I'm close." as soon as he said that you felt him twitch in your mouth.

You then pulled away. He grabbed you and threw you onto the bed and got on top of you. He then proceeded to push himself into you so that his hips hit yours.

"Fuck." You moaned as you arched your back. David held onto your hips and pounded deeper into you. He kept thrusting in and out of you.

"Shit you're so tight babe." David groaned as he sped up. You simply moaned in response.

After a moment David finally started to hit your g spot when he noticed that he started going in harder and faster making you reach your climax faster and faster.

"Fuck David I'm close." You said when you felt the familiar knot appear in your stomach again. "Shit." You moaned.

"I'm close too now." David moaned as he sped up.

The two of you then soon came undone and David pulled out and dropped on the bed next to you.

"Damn you need to be bored more often." David said breathing heavily while pulling you into his chest.

"I really do." You smiled and placed a kiss on his lips.


I love the fact that I'm a Virgin and write so many Smuts while not having experienced it. 10/10 for my single Virgin life. Ok I'll stop complaining now and attempt to get some dick.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed it and you'll tune in next time when I do write it. Aka next month probably

But, bye for now!!

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