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~Davids PoV~

I was hanging out in the Vlog Squad house which was like a normal day for me.

My boyfriend Todd wasn't home yet since he was hanging out with Jeff.

David: Toddyyyyy where are youuuu????

Todd: what's wrong with you?😂

David: I miss you why aren't you home?

Todd and I haven't told anyone that we were dating. We were too afraid to admit to being gay.

Todd finally came home. And without any second thoughts I jumped on his neck and started kissing his face. Not noticing that Jeff was right behind him.

I got off of Todd and felt my cheeks burn and turn a bright red colour.

"Is there something you guys didn't tell me?" Jeff asked as he raised his eyebrow.

I looked at Todd as if to tell him to speak.

"Well, me and David we're, kind of, um-" I cut him off cuz his build up was getting on my nerves.

"We're dating ok? We're dating and yes we're both gay." I said slightly too loud because that's how I found out that Jason was actually home.

"Are you serious? I mean I'm not surprised I knew you were gay but I didn't really mention it." He said to me.

"Well then that's great. But here you go guys. I, David Dobrik, are officially admitting to being gay." I said.

Then wrapped my arms around my boyfriend and kissed him with tongue.


Soooo this story was requested by uwudavidd !!!! So all the credits go to you for an awesome suggestion!

Also before writing this I was binge reading some gay fanfics for no actual reason but it helped me a lot with writing this one.

So I really hope you enjoyed it, please comment if you have any suggestions for this book and thanks for reading!



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