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⚠️Disclaimer!! The probably not too awaited smut is now here!!!⚠️

You just moved into the neighbourhood and weren't too sure what to think about it. Ok it was pretty quiet but you were too used to the polluted city air and loud cars in New York.

"Mom I don't know what to think about this." You said as You placed your things in your wardrobe.

"Come it's a fresh start. New place new me and you." She smiled to you as she stood in the doorway.

"It's new year new me, mom." You giggle as you close the door of the wardrobe.

"Maybe here you won't be known as the hoe of New York City." She let out a loud laugh.

"MOM!" You screamed.

"I'm just stating the facts." She laughed again. "Can you go grab the last box that's in the back of the truck?" She asked.

"Yeah sure why not." You said as you slid passed her and made your way downstairs.

You walked outside and saw a boy around your age standing outside and checking out the truck with a cigarette in his mouth. You walked out closer to him and placed your hand on his shoulder and said. "You good there?"

He jumped and then turned around to face you with a laugh and took out the cigarette from his mouth which turned out to be a lollipop... Damn it NewYork this is Vernon Hills. You thought to yourself.

"Oh hey, you must be the new neighbor." He giggled. "I'm David." He said.

"Y/n." You shortly answered. You then noticed three other boys run over here.

"Hey Dave." They said as they breathed heavily.

"What's up guys?" He said as he high fived each one.

"Who's this cutie?" The skinniest one said.

"Y/n." I said to him.

"What a cute name." He smiled. "I'm Alex. This is Ilya." He said as he pointed to one with pretty long hair. "And that Dom." He pointed to one with blonde hair.

"Nice to meet you guys." I said as I shook hands with them.

"Where are you from?" Ilya asked.

"I'm from New York." I replied.

"Why did you move here from a place like New York???" Dom said surprised.

"My mom wanted to live in a quiet place." I explained.

"Oh makes sense." David said.

"Let me take the last box upstairs and I'll be right back." You said as you grabbed the last box and left.

In the time that you were gone, two more people came over, another guy and a girl.

You came back outside and saw the party that was going on and giggled. "And you two are?" You asked them with a little giggle.

"I'm Natalie and that's Dima." The girl replied.

"Oh cool. I'm guessing the guys told you about me?" You replied to Natalie.

"Yup you're Y/n from New York City." Natalie giggled.

"Hey y/n. My mom popped outside and asked whether you wanted to come over with your mom to like meet us." David said to you as he threw his arm over your shoulders and winked.

"We'd love to." You giggled awkwardly (kind of).

Later on you put a little makeup on and changed your outfit to something cuter.

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