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David was out recording with his friends but you stayed home since you were feeling like shit.

You have been feeling it for the past few days but were too stubborn to do anything.  So like usual.

Corinna then came over to check up on you. "Hey girl what's wrong?" She asked you as she entered your house and gave you a hug.

"I've been feeling sick as fuck." You replied to her.

"You know maybe its-" She started but you cut her off.

"I can't be pregnant. Me and David have been trying for the past year or two and we just came to the conclusion that we just can't have kids. That's why we have two dogs and three cats. And besides I'm lactose intolerant so you know." You explained.

"You just fucked up my diagnosis." Corinna rolled her eyes and then the two of you burst out laughing. "But should we get one or two tests just to be sure?" Corinna raised her eyebrow.

"Sure but I'm positive they're gonna be negative. Pun intended." You giggled. "I have a few in my draw from the last time me and Dave tried." You said as you went over to yours and David's bedroom and opened the drawer in your bedside table and took out a box full of pregnancy tests.

"Girl, why am I nervous for you?" Corinna said slightly shaking.

"I don't know honestly.  Let me be nervous for myself." You giggled trying to make yourself feel better. "Alright let's do this." and so you went into the bathroom and took the test.

You then walked out to Corinna and waited the five minutes to see the results.  The wait was in complete silence since you two were so scared.

After the five minutes have passed you looked at the test and saw a red minus on the little stick. You felt almost a wave of relief wash over you but also slightly upset.

"It's negative like I said." You said as you threw yourself onto your bed After putting the test on the bedside table.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Corinna said as she showed me the test where a little landscape line was appearing creating a plus sign.

"wait what?" You said as you jumped off the bed and snatched the test off of her. "I'm confused." You then took another pregnancy test and after 5 minutes it came out as positive.  You took like 5 or 6 and they all came out positive.  "I'm pregnant." You said.

"You're pregnant. But isn't that what you wanted?" Corinna said as she gave you a hug.

"It is but I didn't think it would happen.  Wait is this considered an accidental pregnancy or planned?" You laughed.

"I think a mix of both." She laughed.

"What do I tell David?" You said and Corinna shrugged.

Soon you heard the front door slam open and a very familiar voice. "It's Dobrik in the building. Well the second Dobrik but also the original Dobrik."

"Hi David." You shouted to him.

"Hi y/n." David said and you heard him make his way towards the bedroom so you hid the tests under the covers.

Corinna gave a confused glance. "Bare with me."

"Hey Babe." David said as he gave you a peck. "Hi Corinna." Dave said when he noticed Corinna with you.

"Hi David." She replied to him. 

"Corinna can you give us a moment?" You asked your best friend and she nodded with a smile in response. 

"Bye babes." She said and gave you a hug. "Good luck." She whispered and left.

"You wanted to talk?" He asked slightly shaking.

"Yes it's important. " You said and motioned David to sit down next to you.

"Is it bad?" He asked as he shakingly sat next to you on the bed.

"Well, depends how you take it..." You took a deep breath. "I finally found out what's wrong." You took another deep breath and spoke. "I'm pregnant."

David held his breath and started looking for a camera. "This isn't a prank?" He asked and you took out the 6 positive pregnancy tests. He then smiled wildly and picked you up and spun you around. "I'm so happy. We waited so long." He said and placed lots of kisses on your face.

"I was worried how you'd react." You said as you held his face and kissed him.

"I don't understand why. Please tell me it's real."

"It is just look what is in front of you. But if you still don't believe me, wait until I start showing." You laughed and hugged your husband.

You soon made a video announcing your pregnancy and everyone was excited and congratulating you guys.


Soooooooo hilarious story I was writing this chapter offline and when I turned the internet on and there was a chapter suggested that was really similar to what you just read but yeah to make it up to this person there'll be a part 2. So comment two things what gender you want it to be and the names that you guys would want to name your kids and I'll choose a name from there. Unless you want them to have twins. 

But yeah hope you enjoyed this chapter and tune in to part dos.

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